Still Interested in Job Letter and Its Sample

If you have not heard from the hiring manager about a job you applied, it doesn’t mean that you’re removed from the pool. The process of hiring employee may be delayed. In this case, it is a good idea to write and send a still interested in job letter.


What Is a Still Interested in Job Letter?

This is a kind of letter stating that you are still interested in a job you’ve applied before. So, such a letter is usually written by someone who has ever applied for a job but doesn’t get any response for a reason. So, it is a letter that serves to follow up on your previous experiences or interviews.

How Do I Express My Continuous Interest in a Job?

The best way to express your continuous interest in a job is by sending such a letter. In the letter, you have to start with a thank you. Besides, you should also state the specific job title you’re interested in. Make sure that you express your continued interest in the company & job position.

How to Create a Still Interested in Job Letter

Here is how to create such a letter properly:

  • Firstly, greet the hiring employer.
  • In the first paragraph, directly state that you are still interested in the job you’ve applied for.
  • If you’ve had an interview or follow-up call, you have to remind the employer about it to let him/her know how far the process is.
  • Provide your current contact information in the last paragraph.

Tips for Creating a Still Interested in Job Letter

Here are some tips to consider when creating such a letter:

  • Be specific with the job position you’ve applied for.
  • Remind the employer about an interview or any follow-up process.
  • Give your current contact details because the delayed response can be cause by the lost contact information.
  • Keep it brief, concise, and understandable.
  • Proofread it multiple times.
  • Send it in the right time.

Still Interested in Job Letter Sample

Below is a sample of a letter for a still interested in job:

Dear Mr. Bogeyman,

I’d like to reiterate my interest in the position of Administrative Coordinator at Rhinestone Electrics, Inc. I have 4 years of working experience in the similar role. So, I’m sure that I can be a valuable asset to your company.

We’ve met and had an interview on November 20th, 2020. It left me with a good feeling about my qualification in this job position. I’m sure that this position suits me.

I hope you still consider me as a candidate. I’m happy to remain in the pool during the process of the recruitment. I can be reached at (111)-111-1111 and I hope you make me a part of your company. Thank you in advance.


Jack Herlino


That is all about a still interested in job letter. If you are in the same situation, it may be the time to write and send such a letter by following the sample above.


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