Resignation Letter From Fulltime to Part-Time Without Losing Job

Downsizing the hours at work can be an option to choose. These are some reasons why a worker wants to go from a full-time worker to a part-time worker. However, when you want to apply this idea, you need to make a resignation letter from full-time to part-time.

Of course, a part-time worker will get limited access and facility from the company. However, when you face a difficult condition, such as the need to take care of the parents, a complicated schedule with study, or others, downsizing the job hours is a wise idea to choose.


What is Resignation Letter From Full-Time to Part-Time?

A resignation letter from full-time to part-time is a formal document to make, especially when you want to turn the job hour down. It is similar to the other kind of a resignation letter. However, you still stay at the company to run limited working hours.

This letter also could be a formal statement of resignation. In common, you also need to face the management and make conversation about downsizing the working hour. Although the management could apply your request through conversation, the letter will be used as an archive.

Case to Prepare Before Making Resignation Letter From Full-Time to Part-Time

Before sending the resignation letter from full-time to part-time to the boss or manager, these are some cases that you need to prepare. Checking the policy of the company becomes the first matter to be done. Please make sure that your request does not strive for the policy.

On another hand, you also need to prepare your case. Here, please mention the detailed hours that you want. Then, mention the availability of you, especially to face the important meetings for the company. Of course, you also need to please a clear statement of why you want to cut the job hours.

Tips to Send Resignation Letter From Full-Time to Part-Time

These are also some tips to be considered before you decide to send a resignation letter from full-time to part-time. The tips are:

  • Consider the pros and cons of handling a part-time job instead of the full-time
  • Have a plan, especially with the option that you choose
  • Ask for a meeting with the boss to state the reasons for resignation clearly
  • Be flexible with the decision of the management

Sample of Resignation Letter From Full-Time to Part-Time

Dear Mr. Murphy

I am writing this letter to confirm my detailed asking to downsize the position from full-time telemarketing to a part-time. I have discussed it with my supervisor about it. The next time, I want to continue my study that is postponed some times.

I realize that the study will change the schedule. I am afraid that I cannot handle the study and job maximally. That is why I decide to downsize my working hours. My last full-time employment will be on Friday, September 21, 2019.

I am very grateful to have chances in this company. Over two weeks before the transition, I want to push myself to finish all unfinished projects. When you need some assists, I will also be there to help you.



That is all about the resignation letter from full-time to part-time. Send it and give time to the management for learning it.



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