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The customer journey map is data in a graphical form that illustrates how someone becomes a customer or not. Using this journey map, you can find out the customer’s journey so that they can understand their behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards your service and product satisfaction. Besides, this customer journey map can also add insight to the improvement and development of your business through customers. You need a customer journey map template┬áto create it. Now many online sites that provide design services or models, one of which is easy and fast, is PowerPoint.

Customer Journey Map Powerpoint Template

  1. Minimalistic Template

This design template helps you in the general description of your document. This template combines and maps the main box points with prospers at various stages of the buyer’s journey, involvement, consultation, initiation, coordination, and even completion. There are three levels to determine activities that occur during interactions with buyers.

  1. Basic Diagram Template

This customer journey map template gives a better and more professional impression when presented. This design contains both positive and negative opinions and experiences felt by customers during their trip. This template helps companies provide correct and correct feedback on customer experience identification so that attacks are given right on target and appropriate to create success.

  1. Timeline Diagram Template

This design gives a simple impression by showing a timeline of the buyer and organizational activities. The purpose of using the schedule is to show the relationship between the dependency of the customer’s travel experience and the company’s operations at each point involved. This design provides a clear picture of what happens during the customer’s travel process and the organization’s action in modifying activities to enhance these sales activities.

  1. Life journey diagram

The customer journey map template┬áconsists of 4 parts. The first slide illustrates the process of customer involvement in identifying needs, both for each pre-purchase and post-purchase steps. “Unlimited” is a step used to support a customer’s journey. Company identification is divided into two segments, “buy” and “owned,” including the persona time of analysis results.

  1. Buying Funnel Touchpoint Diagram

This design template has a complex and powerful level of data depiction, where all the points of the box, namely awareness, consideration, purchase, service, and even customer loyalty, are linked. This template helps organizations or companies to see and provide appropriate touchpoints for each box, analytics problem solving, and new strategies to improve customer experience in every issue found.

  1. Mountain Diagram

This diagram template contains complex data relationships, including customer engagement activities based on the unit of time along the journey created. This salt will describe the customer experience from the beginning to the end, helping the company develop strategies that are suitable for good long-term relationships. This diagram can also illustrate the level of customer satisfaction for each segment. In the layout, there are peaks and valleys. The top of the mountain represents the highest point in comfort obtained by the customer while the valley is left unsatisfactory.

Well, that’s the article about the customer journey map template┬áprovided by Powerpoint. It may be useful!.

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