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Bookmark Template and how to make it interesting to use

Most people probably will use a decorative bookmark in a novel when they are reading. This bookmark will be useful because it will remind you to read later. Gaining this purpose, you can select the best bookmark template that will help you to customize the template without any difficulties suitable for your needs.

In other words, to create this bookmark template idea is not difficult because the template idea here is helpful. You only need to download a professional-quality template that will give your creation a fantastic look. Because of that, you will get a satisfaction bookmark without any difficulties with this idea.

How to create a bookmark template with Microsoft Word 

You can create this bookmark with Microsoft Word without any difficulties. In this part, you can open the Microsoft word program on your computer and choose a blank document to begin. After that, you can click on the insert tab and choose the shapes to select the proper bookmark shape suitable for your needs.

In this phase, you can select the squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, and so forth without any difficulties. The bookmark template design needs to select the proper shape for your need. You can click on and drag the crosshairs on your document to create the shape that you want for your bookmark well.

How to make a great bookmark template in Word 

To make your template looking great, you need to pay attention to the shape of your bookmark. In this part, once you have created the shape for your bookmark, the Windows menu usually will automatically take you into the Format tab. From here, you can choose the shape fill option.

To fill the color, you can fill inside the bookmark with a particular color, texture, gradient, and so forth. Besides, you also can insert a picture from your saved file for your bookmark template format. Moreover, you also can add multiple shapes, colors, or borders inside the bookmark if you desire.

Add the text box to make it great 

If you want to make your template great, you can insert a menu to add a text box where you can write in a favorite quote to say. Adding shapes or whatever you need on your template is also available. If you want to make it better, you can use the text box menus to change the font type, size, or color suitable for your need.

Furthermore, you also can drag your text box, shapes, pictures, and so forth to make your bookmark template sample great. Your template will be great if you have created a text box and remove the border on your template. With this idea, your template will be great without any difficulties.

Add a straight or dotted line to make it double sides

Finally, if you want to make your template double sides, you can add a straight or dotted line in the middle of the shape for your bookmark template. With this idea, you can fold at that line and then glue the end together to make a great bookmark.

Bookmark Template Design Ideas

Bookmark Template Ideas

Bookmark Template Example

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