Guide To Make An Internship Recommendation Letter With Example

An internship is a program for a student where they can work for a period of time either paid or unpaid. An internship usually comes from a corporation or small business where they will let a student get an opportunity to have the experience to work in the company and also possible for them to get accepted in the company soon after they graduate. An internship recommendation letter is important for the students’ acceptance into the internship program.


How Do I Get An Internship?

The simple way to get an internship is through a recommendation letter. You can ask your teacher or college professor to help you with getting you an internship by asking them to write a recommendation letter. Or you can level up your skill before you start an internship. Make sure you have all the things required or you will be a burden in the internship company.

Tips To Write An Internship Recommendation Letter

The following tips may help you in making this letter:

Tell Your Reason

The main content about why you recommend someone is about the reason, is it the candidate good enough or not is the main point of this letter.

Include The Evidence

It certainly you have included the evidence that witnessed by yourself. Tell that you pay attention to the candidate from the beginning until you know the positive sides of the person you recommend.

Show Your Expressions

Express your gratitude and your optimistic feeling that the person you recommend will make a significant difference in the internship program.

How To Write An Internship Recommendation Letter?

Write it with greetings toward the letter’s recipient, then state your purpose to recommend someone who already on your sight and fit to be in the internship program. Tell your reason in the next paragraph and include the reason why at least you already know the candidate for a long time to knowing better the sides of the person. Close the letter with the hope that the person will be accepted, and express your gratitude toward the recipient and the company.

An Example Of An Internship Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Past,

I am writing this letter to recommend Polly Gastro for an internship with CKB radio. Polly is a senior at the NN University School of Journalism and I have had the privilege of teaching him in several radio production classes. Polly has demonstrated extraordinary talent in the technical end of radio programming. Polly has innovative ideas and leadership qualities which proved when he motivates his friends while working on group projects.

Apart from excelling in class, Polly also works as an announcer at our campus radio station. He was selected for this position after competing with 50 other gifted journalism students. It is rare to find an equally talented individual like Polly. I sure you would benefit greatly by accepting Polly Gastro into the internship program at CKB radio, and I know Polly would learn a lot about the inner workings of a radio station. As a senior Polly has excellent grades and is on target to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

I encourage you to take a close look at Polly Gastro. You will find him well-suited for the position. If you have further questions, l am available at or at (123)-1231234. Thank you in advance for your consideration of Polly Gastros application for this internship.


Dominic C. Gate, Ph.D.
Professor, Telecommunications
NN University

Hope the internship recommendation letter above may be useful to fulfill your satisfaction. May you can understand better through this article. Good luck!




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