10+ Modern Resume Template


Modern Resume Template to ensure the recipient about your quality 

A modern resume template will be your best idea to ensure the employer about your qualities and capabilities to apply for any job. This idea will be an ideal choice for seeking work in a modern workplace. Many people will start their business to deliver all of the information they are looking for.

When you take a look at this modern resume template idea, you need to prioritize and arrange the structure. Many companies will process the resume through multiple proofing processes and this template will be designed with the mind to be easily readable so that your quality will be read entirely.

The example of a modern resume template

To facilitate you arranging this template, you can follow the sample below. It is simple but it will influence the way you arrange the template.

Robert Edison

Detail Info

Phone: (777)-888-9921

Email: edisonrobert12@gmail.com


A task-driven professional with substantial experience in data entry, customer service, office management, and reception duties. Adept at leveraging superior communicative and interpersonal skills to interact with diverse individuals and groups at all organizational levels.


Digital Marketing manager

AUXs Boumax, Colorado, February 2019 – present

  • Created a new format to report and present the sales, customer engagement that shortened the meeting
  • Updated and monitored the Bid Strategy
  • Located and proposed a new potential business deal

Marketing and Sales Assistant

IKEA, Colorado, June 2015 – December 2018

  • Help in the creation of press releases and new catalogs
  • Compiled and distributed successfully financial and statically information including budget
  • Conducted primary research into the most popular sold item and discovered a new customer


B.A in Business Administration

The University of Colorado, 2011- 2014

GPA: 3.70

Key Skills 

  • Understanding the customers’ needs
  • Great in communication
  • Problem solver
  • Leadership and critical thinking management


  • English
  • Germany
  • Spanish

How to create a modern resume template

When you are creating this modern resume template format, you need to pay attention to some ideas that will make your template impressive. You have to pay attention to some ideas below that will beautify and ensure the readers about your template very well. Here are some of the ideas to know:

  • You need to make this resume template one page in length because the HR manager usually will have no much time to read the resume
  • You need to make this template clear section heading by picking a heading and use it for all the section headers
  • Ample white-space especially around the margin
  • Easy to read font where you can apply Ubuntu, Roboto, Overpass, and so forth. Moreover, you should not apply Comic Sans
  • Save your template resume as a PDF because it is a good chance for messing up your resume formatting

People also ask 

How do you write a modern resume?

If you are a beginner, you need to know the basic template of this resume. Here are some tips for you to write this modern resume template design.

1) Pick the right resume format and layout

2) Mention your personal detail and contact information

3) Use a resume summary or objective

4) List your work experience and achievement

5) Mention your top soft and hard skills

6) Include additional resume section such as languages, hobbies, and so forth

What does a modern resume look like in 2020?

The resume will be similar to a common template. Moreover, this template resume usually getting simpler and easy to read. Therefore, you need to know some things that will make your template getting better as a modern resume. Here are some things to know.

1) You need to keep the resume simpler and use clear section headings and make them impressive with bold type, capital letter, and so forth

2) You need to use a summary statement instead of an objective because a summary will show detailed information on the template

3) Pay attention to the skills and experience to ensure the people about the quality of yours

Kinds of a modern resume template

Many types are available for you choosing the proper modern resume template idea design. Different types of this template will make people interesting to read so that they will get the satisfaction response when you landing this resume for their company.

Modern Resume Template with No Experience 

This resume will be useful for you who is a fresh graduate who has no experience in any jobs. The resume usually will focus on the skills whether it is from some entry-level practice or classroom education. It will make the recipient easily understanding your qualities.

Simple modern resume template 

The type of this resume is simple but it is to the point. This letter will show your quality to arrange the action verb for the employer. You need to pay attention to some ideas such as the words you apply to the template. You need to arrange this template as brief as possible.

Modern project manager resume 

This template is similar to other resumes where you have to use the skill in a work environment with a good level of understanding. You can tailor your skills to the job and take a look at the job to make it getting better to read.

Software engineer fresher resume template 

Since this resume is special for software engineer, it will focus on the skills and experience that is relevant with the engineer. The awesome skills in the software will build your qualities for the employer. You have to pay attention to the skills and the words you apply to your resume.

Creative modern resume template

The resume will go to the person for the skill in your office. Since it is a creative resume, it will be rather different from the common resume. The way you show your skills will make the employers understanding on a high level.

The modern resume template will be great if you ensure to never lie about your skills level. Moreover, you also will be awkward both for you and your employer. You can imagine your first task at work as an illustrator to create a graphic vector to go nicely with an article on your resume.


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