10+ Chronological Resume Templates


Chronological Resume Templates for the best landing the job

If you want to land any jobs, you can arrange chronological resume templates. This template is a professional resume that can increase your chance of landing a job interview. This form is the most commonly used because it will review step by step guide to determine if this format fits you.

This chronological resume template idea is one of the three main resume formats that will draw attention to your work experience. Your current job or most recent position should be listed first and it will continue in reverse-chronological order through the rest of the work history.

The example of chronological resume templates

To inspire you to create this resume format, you can follow the sample below to make it great. The sample will lead you very well in designing the resume.

Marry Jenny

Personal Info 

Phone: (555)-777-0987

Email: JennyMarry47@gmail.cm


Lead bartender with 5+ years of experience in cocktail preparation and creation. Possess a deep knowledge of local craft beers, wine, and cocktails, as well as the optimal food pairings. Looking to leverage my bartending skills to fill the head bartender at the restaurant.


Lead Bartender

Cheerful Bar, California, August 2018 – present

  • Introduce a cocktail of the month promotion to the menu that was well received by the customers and increased monthly sales
  • Training 3 brand new bartenders on all aspects
  • Reduced inventory losses by 10%by managing the beverage inventory with innovative beverage management


Mayor Bar Restaurant, Washington, June 2016 – June 2018

  • Engaged in small talk and jokes with clientele to build rapport and ensure the customers
  • Took food orders from guests at the bar
  • Understanding over 100 cocktail recipes and drink variation


A.A Bartending

Professional bartending school, California

Advanced diploma

Jason High School, California

Key skills 

  • Cocktail preparation
  • Customer relation
  • POS system
  • Exceptional Memory
  • Menu creation


  • An employee of the month Cheerful Bar, California


  • English
  • Spanish
  • France

How to create chronological resume templates

To write this resume, you will have some ideas that will make your chronological resume template format design impressive. Here are some of the steps to follow to make your resume awesome.

  • Write the resume heading with your first and last name and detail information
  • Write the introduction about your passionate industry, experience, and dedicated worker aiming
  • Work or relevant experience by writing the most recent job title
  • Education and skills certification

People also ask 

What does a chronological resume focus on?

When you arranging this chronological resume template idea design, you need to select the proper resume for the right reason to impact your chances of standing out among your competitors. You need to focus on the following ideas:

  • Work experience that displays a history of professional growth and maturity
  • Skills related to the achievements or job duties you decide
  • Starting a career and work gaps
  • Changing careers

How do you write your work experience in chronological order?

If you have some experience and you want to arrange it in chronological order, you can follow some steps below to make a proper template. Here are some ideas to follow on your template.

  • Name and contact information
  • Summary or objective
  • Professional history
  • Educational history
  • Skills and abilities

The Kinds of Chronological Resume Templates

Many kinds of chronological resume template format designs will make your resume awesome. The most important in this template is that you need to include the achievement and interest and consider removing optional sections that make it as brief, concise, and readable as possible.

Chronological Resume Templates Work Experience 

This resume has a short professional statement that is usually written on the top of the resume. The resume will provide a quick context for employers as they will review it as an application. If you are a new graduate, you probably cannot use this template because it will have so many changes.

Chronological Resume Templates with No Experience 

If you are a fresh graduate, this resume will be suitable for your template. The resume usually will focus on education and skills. Your education should be a structured similarity to your professional experience and list the most recent educational achievement first and you can go backward in time from there.

Chronological Resume Templates in Word 

This resume will be useful because it can be edited and customized easily suitable for your need. The template is usually designed simply so that you have to pay attention to the template. You can change it as well as possible suitable with your need without any difficulties.

Custodian Supervisor Chronological Resume Templates

The template usually has more experience that will ensure the people about the job performance as well. This resume will focus on the experience and the skills so that you need to show your experience and skills as well as possible to ensure the recipient as well.

Pharmacy Chronological Resume Templates

As a pharmacy, this resume will be useful because it will show your experience in the organization or company as well. The experience and skills you have in this template will ensure the people very much so that it will get the satisfaction understanding for the readers as well.

Chronological Resume Templates Sample 

The sample can be used for you to lead the proper template. You can change any experience or skills on the skills without any difficulties. Because of that, you will not be confused if you want to make a proper template for a proper template suitable for your needs.

Professional chronological resume templates

This template will make your resume getting professional even if you have no experience. Therefore, you have to pay attention to each action verbs on this resume because it has a strong template to make it great. Therefore, this resume will be useful for you to be a professional one.

The most important in the chronological resume templates are the skills and abilities section. Both of them should highlight your most relevant competencies. In this idea, you can include both hard and soft skills. In this idea, you need to be careful about your skills to the employers to get an ideal candidate and include them in the skills section.

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