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Engineering Resume to make it impressive to read

Engineering student usually graduates from college with high-level skills in chemical, biological, mechanical, electrical, computer engineering, and so forth. Moreover, if you want to be engineering, you need to arrange an engineering resume. It will help you to show your qualifications for the people without any difficulties.

The perfect engineering resume template should pay attention to detail. This idea should follow the formatting rules such as deciding on which of the three resume types and do not reinvent the wheel. You can start with a minimalist resume template to your goal faster.

The example of an engineering resume

You will need a sample that will help the people to ensure reading your resume. Here is the example that will help you to make it great.

Rose Barkley

Personal Info 

Phone: (777)-667-9902

Email: barkley12@gmail.com


Mechanical Engineer with more than 6 years of experience in lightweight materials innovation, production, and maintenance. Possess a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. Looking to leverage my expertise, leadership abilities, and material development competency in the role of Senior Mechanical Engineer.


Mechanical Engineer/ Seed Secure/ Colorado, June 2018 – present

  • Increase the production efficiency by 10%
  • Worked with a team of more than 10 to ideate, create, maintain and update lightweight material
  • Ensure strict adherence to OSHA and FDA safety guidelines

Mechanical engineering Apprentice/ Dione Pacific/ Colorado, April 2015 – May 2018

  • Liaised between design, production, and quality control teams
  • Researched new material-generation technique
  • Maintain a record consisting of more than 10% production errors through the expert care


B.S Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, 2010 – 2014

Key skills 

  • Solid works
  • Tinkercad
  • Auto CAD
  • Problem-solving
  • Accuracy and attention to detail


  • English
  • Japanese

How to create an engineering resume

Engineering is a competitive industry so that you need to arrange an engineering resume design template. You should not worry when you want to arrange this template because you can follow some ideas below to make your resume impressive.

  • Lead your template with a summary or career objective where you need to include how experience you are, what your lead qualifications are, and so forth
  • Emphasize your hard engineering skills because it is one of the most technical skills and you need to list the software among the technical skills
  • Do not undersell your non-technical skills because it will not underestimate the value of soft skills in engineering

People Also Ask 

How do engineer students make a resume?

When you are an engineering student, you probably will need to know how to write the resume to ensure the recipient. Here are the steps to do:

1) Put your current educational institution at the top

2) Include your degree, the name of your institution, graduation date

3) Break your education section up to add length and you also can add sections to it like relevant coursework

4) You can also add activities, clubs, groups,

5) Remember to add your GPA to your resume

What are the 4 types of resumes?

There are some types of engineering resume format designs that can be selected as your template. At least, there are 4 types of the resume. Those are:

1) Chronological resume where it will begin with your most current position and end with the earliest

2) Functional resume that focuses on your skills and experience

3) Combination resume that will highlight both your skills and traits and provide a chronological listing of your work experience

4) Targeted resume that will help you to write your work history, abilities, and education

Kinds of engineering resume

To facilitate you arranging this engineering resume design idea, you can read some of the types of this resume template. The kinds of this resume will help you to make the proper template without any difficulties. Here are some of the kinds of the resume.

Engineering Executive Resume

This resume is usually set in a combination resume where it will highlight both the skills and traits. This template resume will provide a chronological list and it will give you a flexible platform to list your workplace asset and it will show what kind of employee you are.

Engineering Coordinator Resume

This type of resume has a basic type that can be customized easily. The resume usually will show the work experience, abilities, and education that those ideas will be a reflection of the job requirements. This template resume also usually will need key skills that will ensure the people very well.

Engineering Programming Resume

The resume is the best for people with a solid employment background and it is good for those who have no lapse in their work history. This template is beneficial and most of the experience will coincide with the job you are interested in.

Free engineering resume

This resume will be helpful for you who have no idea to write the resume. This template is also good for you who have no experience in writing an engineer resume. This template is available to edit and customize so that you can edit and customize it suitable to your need.

Engineering Resume Example 

This type will lead you to write the proper resume as well. It is exactly what its name implies where it is only a sample that will lead people to write the proper template. you also can start with the most current position work backward that will make the recipient getting impressed to read the resume.

Experienced engineering resume format 

This resume usually will be brief because it has many experiences to land the job position. Besides, this resume also will help the employers to read the resume better. This idea also will show specific skills such as speaking another language, technical skills, teaching skills, and so forth.

Your engineering resume will be better if you can update it regularly every few months. If you have obtained new skills or more education, you have to update it. With this idea, your resume will be current and easily understood by any employers when you are landing any job as an engineer.


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