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Latex Resume Template to land the first Job 

If you want to get a job, you need to arrange a great resume. Gaining this purpose, you can arrange a latex resume template. This resume is a tool that is used to create a professional-looking document. This resume will be based on what you see is what you mean by the idea so that you can focus on the contents of your document.

The role of this latex resume template idea is important because it is used all over the world for scientific documents, books, as well as many other forms of publishing. Therefore, this template will allow the user to very quickly tackle the more complicated parts of typesetting such as mathematic and also table content.

The example of latex resume template

To facilitate you arranging this format, you can learn from the following sample that will lead you to write the proper template. Here is the sample that can be followed:

Jonathan Aloe

Personal Info 

Phone: (777)-990-8832

Email: aloejonathan214@gmail.com


IT consultant with strong theoretical skills and a passion for open-source software. Special both in automation and custom application development experienced with large project and understand infrastructure. Optimistic and great communication to solve any problem.


Full-stack Developer, Mississippi, June 2016 – present

  • Create a web portal for a role and right management
  • Establishing a connection to the existing Microfocus and solution
  • Developing of new-role based workers and processes as well as training and support

Technology Developer, Texas, April 2012 – June 2015

  • Diverge for the roles and right management tool
  • Angular for the easy fronted interaction
  • Maintenance of existing infrastructure


Bachelor degree of IT developer, University of Texas

Key skills 

  • Html/ CSS
  • Javascript
  • CAT
  • Open Source tools
  • Python and Linux


  • English
  • Spanish

How to create a latex resume template

Since the latex resume template format is one of the most powerful word-processing tools to create documents, you need to arrange this template properly. Gaining this purpose, you can follow the steps below that will make your template impressive. Here are some of the steps to follow in creating this resume.

  • Set the best photo shot to introduce your personal information
  • Remember to include the personal information including contact information
  • Apply resume introduction by writing a summary on your template
  • Include work experience and key skills to ensure the recipient about your qualities
  • Include the relevant skills and awards to show that you have great quality

People also ask

What is a latex format resume?

This resume is the most powerful tool to create a document but it is also one of the most complex to use. You will take significantly longer to create a resume or CV in Latex compared to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Moreover, it will show a great result document that will impress the recipient when they are reading your template.

How can I write in Latex?

When you want to arrange a latex resume template document, you need to pay attention to some things that will make the document impressive to read. Here are some ideas to create a document with Late without any difficulties.

1) Write the document in Bold, italic, and underlining suitable with your need for your document

2) Remember to add images to show that you have a good appearance

3) Apply caption, labels, and reference to ensure your quality

4) Creating a list using different list environment that will impress the people to read

The kinds of latex resume template

To facilitate you arranging this latex resume template format design, it has many types that will guide you to arrange the proper template. The types of this resume template will depend on the type of job where you want to land for. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the design of this template properly.

Contemporary latex resume template

This resume template has a clean and professional design that will show the best template on your document. This template also will highlight in red that will make the resume’s margin and lines will create in the amount of white space.

Cutting-edge overleaf latex resume template

This kind of this resume is a modern resume that will show the best content and design on the template. Since this template is a modern design. You can add a personalized QR code that links to your online portfolio, Linked In Profile, or personal website.

Modern latex resume template

The modern resume will show an impressive detail on the template. This resume template usually will include multiple skills section that will make this template easy to separate your hard skills from soft skills. The large empty section on the left side also can be used so that it will make your template impressive.

Experience latex resume template sample 

This resume will be perfect for you because it will show your experience for the recipient very well. This template also has features that all the key sections for your template will be included in the publication, relevant course work, research, and also other section to ensure the readers.

Innovative latex resume template

The resume will provide plenty of space for your work experience. Besides, this template also will make a particularly suitable if you have a long and distinguished career. Since the type of this resume is innovative so that you can improve any content on your template to amaze people about your quality.

Sample latex resume template

The sample of this resume will guide you to arrange the proper resume without any difficulties. you can customize and edit the resume suitable for your job position easily.

Computer science latex resume template

The type of this resume is two-column that will give you the space to flesh out your achievement easily. This template also will lead you to create multiple skills sections for technical skills and also soft skills so that this template will be clearer to read for the recipient.

Because of that, you should not worry if you want to arrange this latex resume template because it has many types to follow. Besides, the sample of this template also will guide you to arrange the proper template suitable to your needs for your job position.






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