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When applying for a job, you have to send an application letter. Here, a resume is also required. So, you have to be able to write an impressive resume. If you are looking for free resume samples, you are on the right site. You will find an example and some useful guidelines below.

Sample of Free Resume

Below is a free resume template for you:

Thomas Brown

Finance graduate – Equity Research




Executive Summary

  • Recent Bachelor of Scientism in Economics graduate specializing in market analysis, with internship experience in major Fortune 400 firms, specializing in industry research & equity analysis. Pursuing Chartered Financial Analyst Level III Certification recently.
  • Good familiarity with Bloomberg, capable leveraging on as well as utilizing Bloomberg terminals & data sources as part of overarching research and also analysis process.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute to teams with minimal training. Extensive leadership experience through different co-curricular activities in college, having spearheaded strategic development for College’s Student Managed Investment Fund Club.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

  • Chartered Financial Analyst Level I & Level II, Level III Candidate
  • CFA Institute, Singapore, in progress – estimated completion: June2021

Key Skills

  • Programming Languages: Python, R
  • Analysis Packages: MATLAB, STATA, SPSS
  • Negotiations
  • Industry/market trend analysis
  • Equity research
  • Forex
  • Trading & investment operations
  • Data analysis & market research


How to Write a Resume

After writing a free resume sample template above, you should practice writing your own resume with the following step by step:

  1. Firstly, begin with your contact information!
  2. Secondly, create a resume summary or objective!
  3. Thirdly, highlight your educational & professional qualifications!
  4. After that, list your key skills!
  5. You can add other needed sections if any.

People also ask

How Can I Make a Resume for Free?

Creating a resume is not easy. Sometimes, you need a sample template that inspires you. Here, we provide you with a free resume template sample. You can use it for free. So, you will be able to write your own resume easily by following this resume template sample.

Is There Any Free Resume Template?

You can find free resumes on the internet easily. If you are looking for a free resume, you are on the right site. In this article, you can find a free resume you can use anytime you want. So, if you need it, just feel free to use this resume for your reference!

How Do You Structure a Resume?

When writing a resume, the first thing you will have to know is about its format & structure. Here, you should decide the appropriate format first. After that, you need to layout the sections to be included on your resume. Then, you can start writing your own resume.

How Do You Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Competition?

A resume should be written as impressive as possible. Your resume should use an acceptable format. Besides, make sure that you emphasize at least one section! In addition, you have to include your qualifications that are relevant to the job posting.

What Should You Include on Your Resume?

A resume usually contains a few sections. It always starts with the contact information. Then, you can add all the required sections including resume summary, education, and skills sections. If there are any additional sections needed, just feel free to include them!

Free Resume with No Work Experience

Writing a resume is sometimes frustrating especially if you have no work experience. In this case, you will have to emphasize your education and skills. If you have unpaid work experience, you should also include it because unpaid work experience will be a good consideration for the hiring employer.

Free Resume Template Word

If you want to write a resume for your certain position, you can use this editable resume template. Available in Word, this resume template lets you edit it easily. You can adjust it to your desired position or job you are applying for. So, just feel free to use this resume template anytime you want.

Free Resume for College

This free resume is appropriate for college students. If you are a college student and want to apply for a part-time job, this resume will be useful. This resume can also be used by anyone who wants to write a resume. You can use this resume for any job you want.

Free Resume for First Job

Getting the first job is very challenging. To impress your potential employer while you have no work experience at all, you should make an impressive resume. Here, you can optimize your awards, relevant skills, or any other sections that can support your ability. Then, your resume will stand out.

Free Resume Sample

Many resume samples available on the internet. If you are searching a sample of a resume, this one will meet your needs. This resume sample is can be used for any kind of job. Using the reverse-chronological layout, its format is acceptable in most companies and by most recruiters.

Free Resume Example

Writing a resume should be done carefully. If you need the reference, this resume example will help you a lot. This resume example is written professionally in a good structure. It also uses formal grammar and good spelling. So, you can follow this example for writing your own impressive resume.

Free Resume Template

You can write your resume on your own. If you need a resume template, this one is free for you. Anyone who wants to write his or her resume is allowed to use this resume template. Besides free, this resume template is also easy to edit. This resume is simple yet impressive so that it is easy to understand.

After paying attention to the example & guidelines above, it is your turn to write your own resume. Whether you are applying an entry level job or a managerial position, this sample can be helpful & also useful. You can also find other free resume samples on other sources so that you have more references.


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