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Receptionist Resume Example to Get a New Job

For those who want to apply for a new job as a receptionist, reading the receptionist’s resume example is important. Yes, you need to know that a resume is an important document to be prepared before you join the recruitment process by the management.

A resume is an essential document that will show the detailed personal information of a candidate, including the skills, experience, and other points. Of course, by writing a professional resume, the recruiter could get certain information about the candidate and a chance to be recruited will be bigger.

Here, we will talk about the professional receptionist resume and its details. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below

Sample of Receptionist Resume

We have a simple sample of the receptionist’s resume here. The sample can be a good reference and consideration for those who want to write their professional resume. Of course, through a sample, writing a professional resume will be easier and the result also will be better.

Read the sample of the professional receptionist resume below.

Fredric Jackson

Dallas, TX | (555) 123-1109 | Fredric.jack@email.com

Personal Summary

Conscientious and high dedicated receptionist with 5+ years of experience serving the kinds of needs of the current and prospective patients. Diligently and professionally provides the great commitment to ensuring positive achievement to maximize the potential and results.


Dallas Northwest University

June 2010 – December 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Employment Experience

Jenkins and Crane, Receptionist

July 2019 – current

  • Follow the opening and closing procedures based on the office guidelines
  • Prepare the weekly bank deposits
  • Accurately review and enter the detailed insurance payments
  • Create, update, and coordinate the detailed appointments to ensure that the data will be recorded accurately
  • Proactively respond to the inbox of the email
  • Operate the multi-line phone system
  • Welcome the patients and visitors daily

Tradelot, Receptionist

August 2015 – July 2019

  • Independently check the needs and purchase the office supplies
  • Placing an order as the needed basis
  • Prepare and proofread the time-sensitive document
  • Correspondence for the management personnel
  • Accurately enter the business-critical information into the detailed database


  • Eaglesoft
  • 70+ WPM
  • Microsoft Office
  • Multi-line phone system
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • High dedication
  • High consistency

How to Write a Professional Receptionist Resume?

The sample of a professional receptionist resume can be an inspiration to know what to be done in writing this document. However, to make a good resume, there are also some steps that you need to know.

Some steps to be known to make a professional resume are:

  • Find an appropriate and formal format of a professional resume
  • Write about the name and personal information
  • Add the personal summary
  • Write about the education
  • Include the professional history
  • List the detailed skills, certifications, and relevant matters
  • Add relevant accomplishments

People also ask

What are common skills that receptionists need to have?

A professional receptionist should have some common and relevant skills. The common skills to be had and written inside the resume are:

  • Patience
  • Adaptable
  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Overachieving attitude
  • Customer services

What are the responsibilities of a professional receptionist?

  • Managing the detailed supply inventory for the office
  • Arranging the travel
  • Creating and managing the detailed filing systems
  • Managing the paper correspondence
  • Managing the documents and other files
  • Entering the appointment information into the database of the company
  • Greeting the clients and visitors
  • Scheduling the meetings and appointments

What should not be included inside a professional receptionist resume?

A professional receptionist resume should not include some matters, as:

  • The objective statement of the resume
  • Unprofessional email
  • Full mailing address
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Irrelevant social media profiles
  • Headshot
  • Buzzwords

Kinds of Receptionist Resume Template

Besides the sample of the receptionist’s resume, a template of the resume is also important to be known. Yes, the receptionist resume template can be a true guide for you with the detailed arrangement and information to be included.

Medical Receptionist Resume Template

To apply for a new chance in the medical field as a receptionist, you need to make good preparation. Writing a professional resume is what you need to be done. To ease you in writing your professional resume, here you could use this template as the guide.

Dentist Receptionist Resume Template

Do you want to be a new receptionist for a dentist? Well, it is a good new career to run. Here, to prepare for the selection process, you may create your resume using this template. The detailed information inside this template can be a guide to ease your need.

Office Receptionist Resume Template

A receptionist is an important position for an office. That is why the management will be selective in choosing the candidate to get this position. When you want to join the management and get this position, this template can be a guide to prepare the recruitment process.

Executive Receptionist Resume Template

An executive receptionist is an individual that works for the chief officer. They have important responsibilities, especially to handle the different kinds of administrative tasks. That is why the recruitment process to get a new executive receptionist is very thick. You could use this template for your helper.

Legal Receptionist Resume Template

The legal receptionist could perform different clerical tasks. Besides, they also could assist the attorney in different paperwork, based on the needs. When you want to be the new legal receptionist, this template can be a helper to show your personality.

Simple Receptionist Resume Template

This template is a very interesting option to be applied. Well, it is not only a simple template to be applied, but also an easy-to-follow sample. Yes, by using this template, writing a professional resume can be done in minutes. Besides, this template could be applied in several different fields.

Well, that is all about the resume for the receptionist that you need to know. You may look for a certain receptionist resume example to inspire you in writing that document. Besides, since it is a professional and formal document, please be careful and selective in entering the detailed information of the whole resume.

Receptionist Resume Example

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