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Firefighter Resume to Get a New Job

When you want to be a new firefighter in certain management, writing a resume is an important matter to be done firstly. Well, a professional firefighter’s resume will be very essential to make the recruiter knows who you are and the detailed capability of you.

Something to be known, a resume is an important document that tells about personal information. It also highlights the detailed skills, experiences, achievements, and others that will be a consideration for the recruiter to determine whether the candidate can be applied or not.

On this occasion, we will talk about some matters of the resume, especially for those who want to be a new firefighter. Well, just take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of a Professional Firefighter Resume

Seeing a sample of the professional firefighter’s resume is a helper matter, especially for those who want to get an easier way to write it. By seeing the sample, you will know what to be written inside it and how to arrange the detailed information.

Daniel Fernandes

Alabama, US | (555) 1182-1001 | Daniel.fernandes@email.com

Personal Summary

A dedicated firefighter with ten years of experience working in an emergency. Highly skilled in some different firefighting management, especially to control and eliminate the threats of disaster. Highly knowledgeable about NREMT emergency medical protocols and the treatment procedure. Strong mechanical background, especially in operation and maintenance of the equipment for firefighting.

Work Experience


City of Tampa, FL

June 2019 – present

  • Administering the detailed emergency medical care as it is mandated by the state regulatory and health agencies for the technician
  • Performing the first-aid treatment, especially to the injured people
  • Stabilizing the patient’s condition before treating and transporting
  • Maintaining the detailed readiness to respond to operating and emergencies, including the performance of technical duties based on regulator

Firefighter Cadet

City of Tampa, FL

May 2017 – June 2018

  • Effectively operate the emergency equipment, including the brush unit, fire engines, a ladder truck, and others
  • Performed routine maintenance and repair the different equipment for the service, including the fire engines and other equipment
  • Assisted emergency personnel with the detailed treatment procedures of the emergency, including medication, ECG monitoring, fluids administration, and others

Probationary Firefighter

Miami County Fire Department, Miami, FL

August 2016 – May 2017

  • Performed on the front lines to combat fire
  • Mitigated and controlled the detailed structural fires and chemical using the fire control equipment and tools, including the salvaging equipment
  • Executed the rescue operation as it is necessary to prevent the injury
  • Participated in training, drills, and instructional coursework


The University of Miami, Miami, FL

Bachelor Degree of Fire Science, 2011 – 2015


  • Fire Ground Safety Officer Certification
  • CPR-certified through the European Red Cross
  • Emergency Medical Technician License

Additional Skills

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Strong physically stamina
  • Teamwork
  • High concentration
  • Deadline oriented

How to Make a Professional Firefighter Resume?

The firefighter resume sample can be a good reference for those who want to write this document. However, to ease you in writing it, there are also some steps that you need to know.

Some steps to write a professional resume for a firefighter candidate are:

  • Decide a certain type of resume that you want to make
  • Write a simple header
  • Write a personal summary
  • Include the detailed education
  • List the experienced
  • List additional skills
  • Write awards and certificates that you have

What are the job responsibilities of a firefighter?

A firefighter has some detailed jobs that should be handled. The common job responsibilities of the professional firefighter that should be handled, are:

  • Protecting citizens during emergencies
  • Preventing fire damage by conducting surveys
  • Mitigating chemical spills
  • Executing rescue
  • Extinguishing fires

Is the design important to write a firefighter resume?

Considering a specific design of the firefighter’s resume is very essential. The design will be very useful to maximize the result of the written resume. Of course, with a certain design, your resume will look more special and clearer.

On another hand, the design of a resume will increase the readability of that document. With better readability, of course, the recruiter will be easier to read the detailed information inside it. We are sure that you also will get higher attention from them.

What to be avoided in writing the firefighter resume?

To make a professional firefighter resume, there are some matters to be avoided. Since a resume is an important and formal document, avoid using any informal word and sentence structure.

On another hand, you also do not need to make a long resume. Well, a resume should be kept short and concise. A professional resume will be better to be written only in three pages in maximal.

Kinds of Professional Firefighter Resume Template

The template of the firefighter resume can be a true guide when you want to write a professional resume to get a new job. By using a template, you just need to personalize the information and edit based on your characteristics.

Entry Level Firefighter Resume Template

The entry-level firefighter resume template will help you to make a professional resume, especially for those who have no experience in writing this document. The detailed template highlights the detailed information to be written inside it in building personal value.

Volunteer Firefighter Resume Template

Do you want to be a volunteer for a firefighter? Well, this template can be a helper when you want to join the recruitment process. The clear template will ease you in writing the detailed resume. We are sure that the chance to be recruited will be bigger.

Paramedic Firefighter Resume Template

This template is a professional sample for those who want to be a paramedic firefighter. This template is simple but it covers detailed personal information. By using this template, of course, managing personal information will be easier.

Professional Firefighter Resume Template

Do you want to join a fire department as a professional firefighter? Well, this template could help the process of the recruiter. Since the recruiter needs to know the personal details, this template can be a shape to show it completely.

Simple Firefighter Resume Template

It is not only a simple but also an easy-to-follow firefighter resume template. By using this template, providing kinds of personal information to join the fire department will be easier. You just need to download this template and edit the detailed points inside.

Well, that is all about the firefighter resume that you need to know. Find an appropriate sample and make your great resume.



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