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Artist Resume to Pass the Thick Recruitment Process

To join with the new company or management as an artist, the first matter that you need to do is writing a professional resume. Yes, the artist’s resume will be the first document to be read by the recruiter. With an interesting resume, you may have a better chance to be chosen.

A resume consists of some personal information. Inside this document, you need to write the contact information, experience, skills, detailed education, and others. That whole information will be used by the recruiter to determine whether a candidate can be applied or not.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the professional artist resume that you need to know. Of course, by knowing the detailed information, writing a professional resume will be easier to be done.

Sample of a Professional Artist Resume

To write a professional resume as a new artist, seeing a sample of it can be a good idea. The sample will highlight the whole resume and it can be your reference. Besides, the sample also will help you to know what to be included inside it.

Here, we show you a simple sample of a resume as an alternative reference.

Jean Anderson

Cardiff City, UK | (555) 199-1762 | jean.anderson@email.com

Personal Summary

A highly dedicated and creative designer with over 10 years of experience in meeting different client’s design needs.


The State University of Cardiff, UK

June 2011 – July 2015

Illustration and Animation

Employment Experience

Green Hill, Graphic Designer

June 2019 – current

  • Collaborated closely with the whole management to ensure that the design could meet the needs of the company
  • Helped to update the website of the company with the new graphic and a smoother overall design, which could increase the visitation
  • Created the different logos, flyers, and images for the whole presentations
  • Attended the meetings with the team of marketing to decide the direction and other design that should be applied

Jenkins and Crane, Designer

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Changed the layout of the website of the company and increase the percentage of the click rates
  • Designed a clean and smooth new logo to fit the hip brand
  • Exercised expert time-management skills in 20 different projects
  • Ensured all deadlines can be handled maximally

How to Make a Professional Artist Resume?

The sample can be a reference and helper when you want to make a professional artist resume. However, to maximize the result, knowing the ways to make the resume is also important.

When we are talking about how to make a good resume for an artist candidate, there are some steps to be known. The steps are:

  • Find the formal and appropriate format for a professional resume
  • Mention the personal details and contact information
  • Use the objective or resume summary
  • List the employment experience and achievements
  • Mention the top skills
  • Include another relevant information when it is needed

What are the creative skills that a professional artist needs to have?

A professional artist needs to have some creative skills to increase their value. The kinds of creative skills to be had are:

  • Drawing skills
  • Painting skills
  • Sculpting skills
  • Printmaking skills
  • Music composition skills
  • Writing skills
  • Acting skills
  • Dancing skills

What should be avoided in writing a professional resume?

There are some matters to be avoided in writing a professional resume. The matters to be avoided are:

  • Grammatical errors and typos
  • Lack of specifics
  • Writing a too-long resume
  • Bad summary
  • No action verbs
  • Include irrelevant information
  • Leaving off some detailed and important information

Is a design important for a resume?

Yes, it is. A professional artist’s resume will be more interesting with a certain design. The design will make the resume looks more attractive. It is an essential matter since an attractive resume will influence the recruiter to deliver higher attention.

On another hand, a certain design is also nice to increase the readability of the resume. By better readability, of course, the recruiter could get a better knowledge and details about the information inside the resume.

Kinds of Artist Resume

To ease you in writing a professional resume, you also could use a template. Well, the template is very helpful since it shows the whole arrangement of the resume. It means by using a template, you just need to follow its details and personalize the information.

Simple Assistant Artist Resume Template

Do you want to be an artist assistant for your new professional career? Well, getting this template is an essential matter for you. This template will help you to highlight your detailed capability to be considered by the recruiter as a newly selected candidate.

Makeup Artist Resume Template

For those who interest in makeup, of course, becoming a makeup artist can be a good idea to continue the career. However, before becoming a professional makeup artist, you need to join the whole recruitment process. This template can be a helper for you to join it.

Graphic Artist Resume Template

For those who want to be a new graphic artist, there is a long recruitment process to be joined. Well, to be a great candidate for the new graphic artists, you need to write a professional resume. Just follow this template to get more inspiration in writing your resume.

Visual Artist Resume Template

A visual artist is always interesting and many people want to join this position. When you are one of them, this template can be a true helper for you. By using this template, of course, your dream to have a professional resume can be coming true.

No Experience Artist Resume Template

For no experience and fresher, writing a professional artist’s resume is always challenging. However, you will have a nice guide by using this template. It shows what you need to write inside a professional resume and arrange the whole information.

That is all about the artist’s resume and some matters that you need to know. Now, you need to find your best template to ease you in writing a professional resume and join the management as a new candidate.



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