6+ Seating Chart Template Handy Use

Not many people understand the importance of the seating chart template for teachers. It may seem like a simple thing and you (as the parent) may be asking, “Why would the teacher bother with the seating chart or whatsoever?” Well, things are made for a reason and this kind of template is definitely helpful when used correctly and properly.


The Function of the Seating Chart

Although the seating chart template is generally used in schools and classes, especially for providing the information of the seat arrangement, such a chart can also be used for all kinds of settings, such as the meeting room, workshop, or others. Of course, it is the teacher who would gain the most benefits with the seating chart. Some people say that the chart is handy when the class has more than 25 students. However, the chart is pretty useful when the class has less than 25 students because the chart will provide the information about the names and the seating arrangement. Some teachers even take it a notch higher with the flexible seating chart. The teacher can switch students and have them routinely rotate over the different positions in the class.

The General Functions

Here are the basic functions for the seating chart format:

  • It provides a clear arrangement for the seats in the class. Whether it has the U format or the L format or others, it is pretty handy to show the students where to sit
  • The chart can be super useful to provide clear seating arrangement for everyone so they can sit in the orderly fashion – and not resulting in the chaotic effect.
  • There are some cases where the chart comes with the layout and the name (of the students). It provides them ideas of where to sit. For teachers, it gives them the information about the class and the students – especially if the teachers aren’t familiar with the class (they are the substitute teachers, new teachers, etc)
  • The template can be useful when you have to make a chart on your own. Instead of having to make it from the very beginning, you can always use the templates as the guidance.

The Different Kinds of Chart Templates

On the contrary to what you believe, the templates are coming in various models, types, and variants because the layout of the seats can also be available in different options.

  • There is a circular seating management where the teachers are standing in the middle and the students are sitting circling her/him.
  • There is a half circular management. It is basically like the regular classroom management where the teachers are on the front facing the students.
  • There is the I shape management where there are small rectangular tables placed in several sections, and there are several students within each rectangular table
  • There is the U shape. The students are generally placed on the empty spaces along the wall, creating a U shape – this allows easy focus on the teachers
  • There is the double U shape which is similar to the U shape but in layers. In the regular U shape formation, it is possible to have another layer of U shape in the front.
  • Those are some of the most popular and common formation of the seating chart template.

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