A Guide of How to Write Acceptance Job Letter

Some people are invited to fill in the position in a company because of the competence, good reputation, or other long list reasons. When this is happening and the individual offered the position is interested to take the offer, s/he is required to write an acceptance job letter. What is it for and how could a person write such a letter? Here, you will read some information about the letter to accept a particular job, plus its sample as a reference.

What is an Acceptance Job Letter?

As the name implies, an acceptance job letter is a formal letter sent by someone to show the positive feedback of the job that is being offered. Writing this letter is pretty much a confirmation that you are accepting the offer and ready to enroll in the new company. When you are being offered of a job and you happen to be interested, it is better to give the response immediately. That action shows the employer that you are considering the offer in a positive manner and you are willing to join the company. Never delay writing the acceptance letter when you are sure about the job being offered. After all, chances might not come twice.

Tips in Writing an Acceptance Job Letter

In writing the letter, it is better to keep it brief but formal and sincere. State your response by accepting the job in the beginning.  Show the employer that you are excited for the offer and express your gratitude for the opportunity. Continue with the time you are joining the company and other information discussed such as salary, work benefits, and so on.

Sample of Acceptance Job Letter

Here, you will read an acceptance job letter written by an employee who is offered as the secretary in a technology company. She mentioned all the necessary details but also keep the letter professional and brief.

Dear Mr. Maher,

I am honored to write this letter as a response to the job offered as a secretary in XYZ Technology Company and I gladly accept the offer. I am thrilled to join the leading technology company, XYZ. As I received the information, I would be under the supervision of Mrs. Salma for the first two weeks to help me adjusting working in the company.

I will start the first day of working at the company on April 21, 2017. During the interview, I was offered salary at $750 for the first three months before it takes the gradual increase. I also get the benefits of life and health insurance that will be paid by the company in monthly basis. I will also receive paid holidays from the company.

Being the leading technology company in the country, I am proud to fill the position as a secretary and I will do the best in my job. I believe the experiences I have from the previous job will help me to excel in this position. Please feel free to contact me at 111-222-333 if there is something needs to be discussed further. Thank you for the opportunity to join the company.


Darlene Jenkins

This is the sample of acceptance job letter that can be as a template for you when writing it. Good luck with your new job.







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