The RN Resignation Letter to Show Professionalism

Leaving the job as a nurse many times is not a simple as it is seen, especially when you have been years working there. That is why many nurses lose the idea to state their leaving reason. With the RN resignation letter, you could state what you need to say about your resignation.

After writing the RN resignation letter, you can send it to the employer. The management will consider the reason for you. Since they need to read the complete writing of the letter, of course, you cannot send the letter in a hurry. It will be better to send it at least two weeks before you go.


What is RN Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter itself is a formal document that is written to announce the intention to leave a company. When it comes to the RN, this letter becomes a document to inform that the nurse wants to put off her or his job from a specific health facility.

Something to be underlined here is writing a resignation letter is quite important. This letter will show the professionalism of the employee. Besides, the letter also could be used as media to inform the last day of work.

What to Include in Your RN Resignation Letter

The RN resignation letter that you make should explain concisely and completely to the employer that you have decided to leave your position. The letter should not consist of disparaging comments about the work environment.

Substantively, you do not need to mention the detailed leaving reason. However, when you need to write it, use a positive tone to reveal your statement. Besides, you also need to mention the last day of work. When it is possible, you also could help the employer to find a replacement.

Tips to Make The RN Resignation Letter

These are some tips to make a good RN resignation letter, such as:

  • Use an appropriate template for the letter
  • Avoid using the ambiguous word in stating the argument
  • Be concise and simple
  • Make only a page of the RN resignation letter
  • Do not forget to mention the latest contact information

Sample of RN Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. James

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as a registered nurse (NR) with the Jasmine Hospital Center. I have decided to continue my study to get a Master’s degree in nursing. The final day of my work will be June 9, 2011.

I would like to thank you for the chance that I get during my working time. It has been an honor to work with the great team and best management. I am confident that the skills I have learned here will be very useful in my future. Of course, I will miss every moment in this hospital.

On the last day of work, I will finish all the unfinished projects. Besides, when you need my help to find a replacement, of course, I will be there to help you. Please contact me when you need more explanation at (111)912-1129.



That is all about the RN resignation that you need to know. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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