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How to Choose a Tri Fold Brochure Template Design For Increasing Your Business Promotions!


Developing a business also thinks about the quality of goods or services sold and the introduction of the company itself to the intended target. The process of introducing business to the goal can be done with a promotional event. Running out of promotion ideas? You need to try to use brochures with attractive designs. A tri-fold brochure is one of the most popular brochure designs recently. We provide a tri fold brochure template that you are ready to use to support your business continuity.

Five pro tips for choosing an attractive tri fold brochure template.

The tri-fold brochure is one of the comprehensive promotion strategies. Unlike other media, such as posters or banners, this tri-fold brochure can provide more information about your business, offer various attractive discounts, and focus on relevant details of your business. One important thing that can’t be left behind, design! Make sure the design to be used provides an attractive appearance, easy to read, and following your business preferences. We offer various tri fold brochure template and start customizing your business!


  1. Color Match

Before choosing and using a tri fold brochure template, make sure to select a color and theme that suits to your business concept. Customize your business background with the colors applied in the brochure, whether contemporary style with colorful colors, or classic style with brown group colors, or maybe industrial style with gray groups. Be sure to use the same color group, so colors don’t tend to “collide.”

  1. Give Illustration

Don’t make your brochure feel boring when reading, or maybe it hasn’t been revealed already. Give a picture illustration that makes the reader more interested in learning it. Add media interaction with words that seem to invite the reader to open the brochure page further.

  1. Try using a Funny Icon

Not only is it an illustration, but placing funny icons on every critical point of your information also makes the reader’s interaction with your brochure even more intense. In fact, readers will not feel bored and enjoy funny icons. You can look for  additional comic icons at various free icon providers.

  1. Layout

Don’t let the layout that you set just makes the writing on the tri fold brochure template get folded. Don’t place the script in an inappropriate place, and finally, the vital point can’t be read optimally. Readers will find it difficult and ultimately not willing to go to the next page.

  1. Make Sure It Can Be Folded

Yes, the critical point of making a brochure is to make sure it can be folded, and the script is not wrapped too. The writing must be in the right position and not folded when folded into three parts. Not only writing, but embedded illustrations must also be placed where they should be and not folded.

Tri Fold Brochure Design Ideas

Tri Fold Brochure Example

Already get the idea to start promoting your business even further? Come explore further at these various tri fold brochure templates that we provide!




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