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Custodian Resume to Get a New Better Job

When you want to pursue or continue your career as a custodian, writing a professional and effective resume is what you need to do for the first step. Well, the detailed custodian resume will be the document read by the recruiter to know who you are.

A resume will show the detailed personal summary, experience, skills, and other matters that will be the consideration by the recruiter to determine that a candidate is appropriate to be recruited or not. On another hand, a resume also can be a document to value the candidate’s professionalism.

Here, we will talk to you about the professional custodian’s resume and some matters that you need to know. By knowing the detailed shape of the professional resume, we are sure that writing a resume will be easier to be done.

Sample of Professional Custodian Resume

To ease you in writing the resume for a custodian, here we have a simple sample for you. A sample can be a true reference, especially for those who want to write their first professional resume.

Just read the whole following sample of the resume below:

Marx Hellen

918 Green Street, Birmingham, UK | (555) 181-11022 | marx.hellen@email.com

Personal Summary

Dependable and highly dedicated custodial worker with a professional work ethic and excellent customer service history. Adept multitasker to handle a huge number of cleaning and repair projects with efficient working. Flexible scheduling availability to include the third shift and weekend when it is needed.


  • High ability to lift the different objects
  • Excellent physical stamina, especially to handle kinds of tasks
  • Outstanding ability to handle and coordinate the project and maintenance activities with the different staff
  • High ability to use the safety tools based on its rules
  • Extensive experience in custodial maintenance
  • Strong familiarity with the different kinds of building cleaners

Work Experience

Custodial Worker

June 2019 – current

Green Valley Management

Birmingham, UK

  • Performed the detailed cleaning duties for different rooms and reception areas
  • Emptied the waste receptacle for the different restroom and workspace
  • Performed office furniture relocation and window washing when it is needed
  • Managed the fertilizer distribution and sprinkler system for the areas of outdoor properties
  • Assisted the other staff with the repair task and maintenance as it is needed

Custodial Worker

June 2011 – May 2019

Yellow Stars Management

North London, UK

  • Moved the equipment for the conference and other office furniture as it is needed
  • Moved all surplus building materials and garbage to the central pickup regularly
  • Performed light cleaning tasks for several exteriors of campus
  • Used vacuums and other motorized equipment in executing the tasks for cleaning


High School Diploma


Birmingham City Senior High School

Birmingham, UK

GPA: 3.5 on a 4.0 scale


  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Computer skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Time management
  • Hard worker
  • High dedication
  • Leadership
  • Experience

How to Write Professional Custodian Resume?

A sample of a professional custodian’s resume can be a helper when you want to write this document. However, to ease you in writing a good resume, of course, you also need to know the detailed steps to write it.

There are some detailed steps about writing a resume to be known, as:

  • Provide the detailed contact information
  • Write a resume summary
  • Describe the detailed education
  • List the employment experience
  • State the relevant skills
  • Mention any certificate that you have

What are the responsibilities of a custodian?

A custodian has some common responsibilities to be handled. The detailed common tasks of this agent are:

  • Keeping the building and property in clean and orderly condition
  • Performing the activities of routine maintenance
  • Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming floors
  • Gathering and emptying trash

Is a modern design of a custodian resume needed?

The modern design for the custodian resume is needed to be applied. The design is very interesting to increase the readability of the resume. It means the recruiter will be easier to read the detailed information inside a resume.

On another hand, the design also will make a professional resume neat and clear. Since a resume is applied to get the attention of the recruiter, we are sure that the professional resume with an excellent design will be very useful to get higher attention,

What are the common mistakes to be avoided in writing a custodian resume?

  • Delivering vague employment dates
  • Letting inconsistencies
  • Bolding the wrong information
  • Including obvious skills
  • Adding too much fluff to the detailed job description
  • Making claims without any evidence

Kinds of Professional Custodian Resume Template

The template of the custodian resume can be a true helper for you when you want to write this document. With a clear template, we are sure that writing a professional resume will be easier and the result of the resume also will be better.

Lead Custodian Resume Template

School Custodian Resume Template

To be a new school custodian, of course, you need to introduce detailed personal information, including skills and experience. By using this template, covering all your needs will be easier to be done. Just download this template and follow its details.

Hospital Custodian Resume Template

Do you want to be a new custodian for the hospital? Well, this template is what you need to get. By using this template, we are sure that you could write a professional resume easily. Besides, this template is also easy to be redesigned.

Entry Level Custodian Resume Template

It is sometimes challenging for the newcomer to write a professional custodian resume. By using this template, of course, writing a resume will be easier and the result also will be better. Just download this template and write your detail.

Chronological Custodian Resume Template

A chronological resume can be a good option to deliver your information. The detailed shape of this resume will be very effective to spread detailed personal information. Here, you can use this template to fill your need in writing a professional custodian resume.

Well, that is all about the custodian resume that you need to know. Next, just try to find the best and most appropriate template of the resume to create your professional resume and get a better new job!

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