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Evaluate and Grow Your Business with an Informative Business Report Template


Building a business or a company so that it can last a long time is difficult. Cooperation between departments is needed to establish strong synergy to develop communication between divisions. Company control is also required to find out which side has vulnerabilities and must be improved. The most crucial sector in the establishment of a business is finance. The operational wheel will run accompanied by the company’s financial strength. A business report can be used to control various aspects of the company, especially corporate finance. Browse our business report template for your further reference.

Several types of reports exist in compiling a business report template.

The business report functions as a controlling tool for the company. Business reports will reflect the company’s financial health with various reports summarized on a monthly or annual basis. The business report will also provide insight into matters that must be evaluated, negotiated, and corrected immediately. Thus, business control will work, useful, and optimal. You will find a variety of report templates according to their designation. Still, you can combine them into a single unit. Here, we review the various types of business report template that you can choose as needed.


  1. Sales and Marketing Report

This report explains the various sales performance has been done and plans for the future. You can add the pros and cons that you experienced during the previous period, SWOT Analysis, to assessment. This also applies to market reports, but you need to add about marketing evaluations and strategies that are considered a fail.

  1. Budget Report

This business report template type functions as budget analysis and budget tracker. You can manage the budget distribution according to the targets that have been designed, the estimated budget that will be used, and so forth. This template will support you get a quick summary of the asset’s state, current cash, and corporate liabilities.

  1. KPIs Report

If you want to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of performance for an aspect, you can use the Key Performance Index (KPI) report. You can use it to determine how close all of the company’s operational activities are to the stated goals. Aspects assessed include income, expenses, budget allocation, profit margins, to employee performance.

  1. Business Case Report

If you have a company case and it is successful or will be handled, you can write it in this type of business report template. You can write various situations and projects that are being faced, benefits and costs, risks, schedules, assessment, and recommendations. Write in detail and clearly, without lengthy explanation, enough with essential points.

  1. Executive Plan Report

Want to evaluate the company’s vision, mission, goals, plans, and targets? You can rewrite it in this report and discuss it with the company team and related stakeholders.

Business Report Design Ideas

Business Report Ideas

Those are various types of reports in making a business report template so that becomes an optimal report. You can combine them into one comprehensive report and record all data carefully and correctly.



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