4+ written warning template sample

How to make written warning template

When you land on this article, you have used a soft method or approach such as a verbal warning, then a written warning template sample can be your best answer. The aim is to tell your employees how their mistakes can affect their work and company at the same time.

When you face serious offenses, so it makes sense to pass the verbal warning. Instead, you would want to write the written proof which can go in their files. Ensure that you were fully protected when you facing the disciplinary situation. There are some tips that you can check below.

Tips to write a warning template

  • You need to speak with your employees personally when you deliver this news – this news must be personally kept and stay away from other employees. To bring this conversation must be an in-office setting. It is also important to walk with your employee before delivering this letter so that it is not surprising him/ her
  • You need to deliver a warning letter just right after the incident happened if you want to be considered serious – you need to release this warning and take effective steps as soon as the accident happens. Waiting for juts reduces the warning severity and it takes a longer time to fix the damage.
  • You need to reinforce what the consequences in writing form, although you may be verbally told your employee about its consequences, this is very important to repeat it if the results do not change at all or they just failed to fix it
  • You need to ask your employee to sign the letter – although the employee doesn’t need to sign this letter – it’s highly recommended to do it. It confirms that they have noted that warnings and understand those consequences.


Here several things to know 

It should be objective or factual – avoiding emotion from hard conversations is very important, since you do not want your employees to feel as if they were personally attacked – the fact list is more effective in that case, you need to stay calm and composed.

Do not forget to always proofread – it may look like a clear point, but it is very important that you need to check your letter before sending it to the employee. Of course, you can use a written warning template sample.

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