Knowing Skills and Duties Before Submitting An FBI Special Agent Cover Letter

Being an FBI special agent probably is one of the most prestigious occupations in the USA. It is because FBI is well-known as one of the most revered investigative agencies.An FBI special agent works to serve criminal investigatory and tend to receive many benefits, such as high salary, major health insurance guarantee, and other prime retirement advantages. If you want to start a career as a special agent, you should write an FBI special agent cover letter. However, there are many things you have to understand, such as the skills and responsibilities of the special agent. Let’s check the summarythat we have provided for you.


What are the tasks of an FBI special agent?

Before applying for the FBI special agent position, you have to comprehend the duties and consider that you are competent enough to do those jobs. It is because being an FBI special agent is quite difficult. To know about the job descriptions, you may take a look at the following lists

·         Collect substantiation of crimes

·         Inspect violent crimes

·         Interrogate suspects and witnesses

·         Monitor suspected terrorists

·         Arrest suspects

·         Undercover as somebody else during the investigation

What are some skills to have as an FBI special agent?

As an FBI agent, there are a lot of skills that you must possess to support your important duties. So, make sure that you prepare the skills below before considering to be the special agent.

·         Language skills: While running the duties, the special agent is often demanded to interact with foreigners. Thus, you must be fluent to speak a foreign language. It would be good if you can speak the rare or local languages, such as Urdu, Tagalog, Hindi, Farsi, and so on.

·         Physical skills: A special agent should be energetic. It is because the duties demand to do physical activities. Ensure you are familiar with standard fitness, such as sit-ups, push-ups, dash, and run.

·         Outstanding computer skills: Since an FBI special agent’s spying tasks are complicated, you have to possess outstanding computer skills. You have to comprehend almost all computer programs, including hacking.

What are the requirements to be an FBI special agent?

To be anFBI special agent, there are many things that you must prepare and achieve before composing your FBI special agentcover letter. What are they? Check the following requirements.

·         Be an American citizen

·         Complete your bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Language, Information Technology, Law, or assorted work at the accredited university

·         Possess a driver license

·         Experience in the investigation activities

·         Experience inprofessional work at least three years

FBI Special Agent Cover Letter Sample

Perhaps you are confused to write a cover letter for applying as an FBI special agent. But, you mayread the sample of cover letter that we provide for you below.

Dear Ms. Steele,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the position of FBI special agent.

When I was young, I always wanted to work as an FBI agent. Therefore, I have prepared myself for years to apply for this position. I believe that I have fulfilled all the needed qualifications to be a special agent. I put my biggest hope that you are going to consider me as a decent candidate for an FBI special agent.

I have several skills that will support the duties of a special agent. I am excellent at investigative and espionage activities as well as computer programmings. Besides, I also have trained for self-defense that will be beneficial for your agency. My physics are always fit and be ready to receive missions at any time. I graduated from the University of Excellent Brain with a GPA of 3.9 out of 4.0, so there is no worry about my qualifications.

I already included more personal information in my CV. I am confident that I will suit this position and be worthy to be a part of the FBI special agent. I wait to have a discussion or personal talk with you related to this position. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (777)-333-9999 or email me at




Jonas Black


That is all about the shortinformation of writing anFBI special agentcover letter. Hopefully, it will give you inspiration.



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