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Research Assistant Resume to get a job

A research assistant usually uses multiple streams of data to find information. They will use the internet, survey, legal, document, and other published research to help the person collect information. They usually will be found in the social science or laboratory setting. They are often undergraduate looking to get credit for helping professors.

If you want to be an assistant researcher, you need to arrange a research assistant resume. The resume will inform your detailed information for the recipient. Besides, it also will show your quality to the recipient without any difficulties so that you have to arrange this resume properly.

The example of a research assistant resume        

To facilitate you arranging the resume, you need to follow the example below. The example will make your resume interesting to read. Here is the sample:

Tony Coos

Personal Info

Phone: (777)-883-882

Email: coostony892@gmail.com


California University in Molecular Biology graduate (3.9 GPA, Graduate Summa Cum laude) with 4 + years of experience helping and overseeing research projects involving isolating and analyzing RNA, DNA, and protein. Looking to join CBT Research Team to leverage my data entry and lab maintenance skills to help the research team.


Laboratory Research Assistant I

University of Texas, December 2019 – present

  • Keep and establish tissue culture cell lines
  • Identified cell changes under microscope, determining cell counts on hem cytometers
  • Performed genotyping of mice in 4 cohort
  • Isolated, purified, and analyzed, RNA, DNA, and protein Using ECL staining

Undergraduate teacher assistant

California University, October 2017 – September 2019

  • Conduct deep research into 15 unique project topics as directed by professor
  • Graded papers for two years, approximately 100 paper graded
  • Do regular data entry tasks on student project grades


MSc in Molecular Biology, California University, 2013 – 2017

3.9 GPA

Favorite field to study: molecular Biology and Genetics

Key skills 

  • Data entry
  • Lab maintenance
  • ECL Staining
  • Autoradiography
  • DNA and RNA Analysis
  • Organization
  • Project management
  • Teamwork


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

How to create a research assistant resume 

Writing a research assistant resume template will be thoughtful and thorough work. You also need to consider that it has research assistant opportunities brought to the aspirants time and again to grab the opportunity handed over to you. You can follow some steps below to make your template impressive.

  • Select the best research assistant resume template
  • Remember to write a research assistant resume summary or objective
  • Put education on your research assistant resume
  • Write an excellent research assistant job description
  • Include your relevant experience research

What should be on a research assistant resume?

Besides, you also need to include some important ideas on your resume that will help the recipient understanding your template. In this idea, you need to follow some ideas below that will make your research assistant resume design idea impressive. Here are some ideas to follow:

1) Write your relevant work experience that is the most aspect of your resume

2) Try to talk about your achievement and stuff that can make you stand out from other applicants

3) If you have no experience, you can briefly talk about the relationship with your professor

4) Use action words to make your research assistant such as responsible for, created, worked in, and so forth

How do you describe research skills on a resume?

When you want to describe the research you did within specific jobs, you need to summarize your specific accomplishment and what you delivered for your part of any research project. You also need to consider putting some skills to include on your resume with some ideas below.

1) Review the job description closely and identify whether the employer is looking for specific types

2) Add research to the experience section that you used research skills in different work or volunteer positions

3) Quantify your accomplishment by summarizing your specific accomplishment and what you delivered for your part of any research project

4) Add research to the skills section and you need to add the specific skills that you have used within your work

The types of research assistant resume 

Besides, this research assistant resume document template also has some types that can be applied to your template. This idea will help you to apply because this resume template is available and it will help you to impress the hiring manager and open the doors to be a researcher.

Undergraduate research assistant resume template        

This resume is a professional template created for undergraduate research assistants. This resume also will help you to create a highly appealing and impressive resume covering all the important points that a recruiter probably looking for in the resume. This template is easily customized and edited.

Clinical research assistant resume 

The type of this resume will be useful for you because it shows the detail, qualification, and other data that you need in the resume. This template is also in word format and it is capable enough to help your resume stand out from the rest so that it can increase your chances of getting selected.

Psychology research assistant resume template 

If you want to be a psychology research assistant, this resume will be the best choice for you. This resume is ideal to help you write a proper resume. This idea also will highlight all your key skills. The most important in this resume is that it is customizable and you can add any personal detail information.

Graduate research assistant resume 

This resume is available in word format that will create a great resume for graduates. This template covers all the important aspects including skills and objectives that a recruiter is looking for a potential aspirant. Because of that, you need to pay attention to this resume properly.

Biology Research Assistant Resume 

This resume will help you to be a biology research assistant. It is created in word format so that you can customize this resume without any difficulties. you also can add it with your own detail.

In other words, writing this research assistant will not be difficult as long as you have many references to write. You only need to pay attention to the detailed information on this resume to make it impressive.


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