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Hair Stylist Resume to Start a New Career

Do you want to be a professional hairstylist? Well, becoming a hairstylist is very interesting, especially for those who have complete knowledge about it. However, before becoming a professional agent, you need to write a complete and professional hairstylist resume as the requirement.

A resume is an important document highlighting the personal information of a candidate. Inside this document, there are kinds of information, such as contact information, experience, education, and others that will be a consideration by a recruiter to determine that a candidate can be applied or not.

On this occasion, we will talk about some details of the professional hairstylist’s resume. For those who are curious about it, read the following writings wholly.

Sample of Professional Hairstylist Resume

When you want to write your professional resume as a hairstylist, considering a sample of it can be a helpful thing to do. By considering a sample, you could know what to be included inside a professional resume and how to arrange the whole points there.

Here, there is a simple sample of a resume for a new hairstylist that you may follow.

Emile Johson

New York, NY | (555) 128-1993 | emile.johnson@email.com

Personal Summary

A detailed and friendly hairstylist with more than five years of experience delighting clients with beautiful results, consistency, and other interesting matters. Listens attentively to the different requests, drives salon sales, and creates a strong relationship.


New York Long Ford

Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology

August 2012 – June 2014

Employment Experience

Cloud Total, Hair Stylist

June 2019 – current

  • Developed a better reputation as a preferred stylist to increase the treatments
  • Introduce the hair products designed based on the age of the different clients
  • Quickly generated the whole loyal client base and get more than 10 referrals each month
  • Instituted the improved system to track the record of the client
  • Managing the service to ensure that clients get the best services
  • Managing the purchases of products

Jenkins Hair, Hair Stylist

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Encourage the clients to adopt routine hair care maintenance based on their goals and needs
  • Provide kinds of consultation to deliver better treatment for the clients
  • Deliver the best hair services to the clients, including cutting, coloring, styling, and others
  • Warmly greeted the guests and the clients
  • Offered the different refreshments to create a new experience for the clients


  • Client acquisition
  • Balayage specialization
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to handle different services
  • Easy to adapt
  • Time management
  • High dedication
  • High concentration

How to Make a Professional Hairstylist Resume?

Besides considering a sample, you also need to know the steps to write the whole hairstylist’s resume. By knowing the steps, of course, writing a resume will be easier and you could highlight detailed personal information.

Some steps to be considered in writing a professional resume are:

  • Choose the right layout for the resume
  • Write a meaningful education section
  • Focus on several relevant experiences
  • Add the key skills to get the recruiter’s attention
  • Include the additional section to boost the chance
  • List personal interest

People also ask

What are the duties and responsibilities of a hairstylist?

A professional hairstylist has some duties in running their role. The detailed duties are:

  • Shampooing, cutting, dyeing, and styling hair
  • Working with razors, trimmer, and other implements
  • Giving some advice to the clients, especially about the maintain ways of the hairstyle
  • Providing the special hair, especially for the different special events, such as wedding and others

What are the important qualities of a hairstylist?

There are some important qualities that a hairstylist needs to have. The detailed qualities are:

  • A knack for listening, especially to communicate with the clients
  • Making a vision of the future
  • Ability to adapt
  • Technical skills
  • Honestly

What skills that a hairstylist needs to have?

There are some skills for a professional hairstylist to be had. The skills are:

  • Eyes for visual proportion and composition
  • Commercial awareness including the designed trend of hairstyle
  • Ability to meet any detail
  • Excellent work ethic
  • A good attitude
  • A positive approach

Kinds of Professional Hairstyle Resume Templates

Not only a sample of a professional hairstylist’s resume you also could use a template to make a professional resume. The template is very helpful since it provides the whole shape of a professional resume. It means all you need to do is following the arranged information inside it.

Professional hair stylist resume template

For a professional hairstyle, a resume is an essential document to be prepared before joining the new management. Of course, the management will value the candidate based on personal information inside the resume. Use this template to ease you in writing your resume.

Creative hair stylist resume template

Do you have some best hair skills? Well, you may be the next creative hairstyle to follow your dream. To join the new management, prepare your resume seriously. You may download this template to ease you writing a professional resume easily.

Freelance hairstylist resume template

Becoming a freelance hairstylist is a good idea to start your career. However, please prepare a professional resume to ease the recruiter in choosing you. This template can be a true helper for you since it is quite simple to be followed.

Apprentice hair stylist resume template

Do you want to be an apprentice hairstylist? Well, this template is a good helper to be applied. This template is simple and it is also easy to be followed. By using this template, you just need to personalize the detailed information inside it.

Experienced hair stylist resume template

The experience hairstylist will be easier to get a new job. However, they still need to write a professional resume to join the management. This template can be a good helper for you. All you need to do is following the detailed shape of a professional hairstylist’s resume.

That is all about the hairstylist resume that you need to know. Find an appropriate sample of it to ease you in writing your resume. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all and it could ease you to start or continue your professional career as a hairstylist.



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