Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter and Its Sample

No matter why you may have decided to step down from your job, you have to give a notice to your employer. Therefore, everything can be put properly. In this case, you should write a two weeks’ notice resignation letter and send it to your employer.


Is a Letter of Resignation the Same as a Two Week Notice?

A 2-week notice can be defined as a formal declaration of your intention to resign 2 weeks from the date you submit it. This is the standard time frame of resignation in the US & paves the way for your departure.

Is Resignation Via Email Acceptable?

It is a good idea to create a formal resignation for your employment file if you resign from your job on the phone or via email. You should not say much more than you are leaving & when your last day of work will be.

How to Make a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter

Here is how to create such a letter properly:

  • Greet your employer first.
  • After that, directly state that you are resigning from your job.
  • Then, write the exact date you will leave the company.
  • If you can, it is a good idea to write positive words about your working experience.
  • Next, don’t forget to thank your manager & provide a summary of how you will transfer your responsibility.
  • Sign and date the letter.

Tips to Make a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter

When you create this kind of letter, there are a few tips to consider:

  • Follow the formal letter format.
  • Be calm, polite, and professional.
  • Keep it concise, brief, and easy to understand.
  • Choose the diction carefully.
  • In addition, pay attention to grammar & spelling.
  • Proofread the letter multiple times.

An Example of a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter

If you need reference, you can pay attention to the following sample:


Dear Mrs. Botsky,

I’m regretfully sending this to inform you that I’m resigning from my job at Jordan Communications. It’s been difficult for me to decide this because I’ve enjoyed working here. I also gained valuable experience for my career. But I’m sure that leaving this job is the best decision for me.

So, please accept my resignation. I’ll still work until January 20th, 2021. During my last 2 weeks working here, I’ll give my biggest effort to complete my current project. I’ll also help you to transfer my responsibility to the proper person.

I really appreciate your chance that I can work here for years. I wish your company continues its success. If you have questions related to this matter, just feel free to call me at (111)-111-1111. I can also be reached via email at Thank you very much for your understanding & cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Henny Kitty

Junior Assistant

Jordan Communications


That is all about a two weeks’ notice resignation letter. If you want to resign from your current job, you should write such a letter to inform your intention at least 2 weeks before your resignation.



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