Forced Resignation Letter and Its Sample

A forced resignation letter may be hard to write. It may also result from a sensitive situation in the employment place. This kind of letter is sent to the manager of the one resigning. When you write such a letter, you have to be professional and proof that your resignation is forced.


What Is a Forced Resignation?

A forced resignation is usually involuntary. It usually comes as a result of some form of intimidation or pressure from managers, supervisors, or fellow members of a company or organization. It is different from a usually resignation where it results in formally giving up an employment position.

Can You Sue If You Are Forced to Resign?

If you are forced to resign from your job position because of intolerable conditions, you can sue. If you resign from your job position because of intolerable work treatment or conditions, in particular circumstances, you resignation will be considered a termination.

How to Create a Forced Resignation Letter

There are a few steps to follow when you create such a letter:

  • Firstly, you have to create a greeting to your employer.
  • After that, directly state that you are forced to resign from your position.
  • Then, explain why you feel that your resignation is forced.
  • Next, include your contact information to let your employer call you.
  • Finally, close and end the letter with your signature.

Tips to Make a Forced Resignation Letter

The following tips must be considered for you who want to create such a letter:

  • Use the formal letter format.
  • Choose the diction carefully.
  • Always use good grammar & spelling.
  • Keep it concise, brief, and easy to understand.
  • Proofread it to avoid mistakes & errors.

Forced Resignation Letter Sample

For you who are looking for a sample of a forced resignation letter, just pay attention to this:


It is with displeasure that I resign from my position soon as I was informed by my manager that I have to resign to avoid being fired. I’ve been accused of stealing money. Even though I have a key to where the money is saved, I’ve never taken many at all. I didn’t know what actually happened. If I knew it, I’ll report it to my manager.

I have a full week of holiday plus 3 personal leave days that I haven’t taken. I expect to be paid for those days. I also plan to apply for unemployment benefits while looking for another job. I’ll appreciate it if you won’t challenge this unemployment application. This forced resignation is much unexpected.

I’ve enjoyed working at Cobra Corporation for 11 years until I was accused of stealing money. I’ve worked hard for the company and have always received good evaluations. If you want to contact me, just feel free to call me at (111)-111-1111.


Evans Dimas


That is all about a forced resignation letter. If you also face a similar situation, you can write such a letter by following the sample above.



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