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Types of and Why You Need to Use Name Badge Template Sample

Are you one of the employees who have to wear name badge every day at work and some name badge require you to put your photo on it. Have you noticed that there is not only one type of name badge? Here you are going to find out about the types of name badge template sample.

Different kinds of name badges template

When you are trying to make a name badge, you need to find the right name badge template sample to suit your needs with the template you’re trying to find. Here are some types of name badges:

  1. Name Badges for employee ID 

For employee ID, it has different variations serving different functions. First is check-in badges, like most name badges, this type of badges will have your name, profile picture, and some kind of color code for the security guard to identify the access level you authorized for. In some badges, there will be a QR code or barcode for a quick scan if the badges are not connected automatically to the control system. Second is access badges, this type of badge has an additional function in unlocking doors.

  1. Visitor Badges

Instead of custom printing the badges for every visitor, it will be easier to print a badge with the word ‘visitor’ on it. The purpose is to tell that the visitor needs the company of somebody else in the company. However, some companies are using a label printer for ID which will take your picture and create a name badge.

  1. Name badges for the event

This can be the simplest type of name badges. You can find the name badge template sample for this kind everywhere. Usually, this kind of name badges will simply state your name since they are for networking reasons. From the template you can use a marker for writing your name and the company, this is for the purpose that other people to be able to properly address you.

Why use name badge template sample

The name badge template sample will make it easier for you to make your badge for you or your company. The template can be adjusted according to what type do you need or what occasion it will be used on.

Now you now that there are some types of name badges with different functions. You can download the name badge template sample according to what you need and personalize it.

Name Badge Example

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