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The dance resume template is one of a resume a dancer can have to promote themself or having it as their portfolio. The dance resume template is one of the downloaded templates you can have to get your work easier.

What is a dance resume consist of?

The resume usually consists of basic information as a profile. Then, it consists of the educational background of dancing either school or studio you take before. You can write the master you’ve learned from as well. Then, what kind of dance you’ve learned or have mastered. There are so many varieties of dance including traditional, modern, or freestyle.

Then it consists of the experience, the performance you’ve had, and the achievement.

How to make a dance resume?

  1. Write on your profile

Write on your basic information including name, date of birth, contact person, address, a personal character like height, weight, the color of the eye, color of hair, and so on. Add a photo as the profile of yourself will make it look appealing, the relatable photo when you dance.

  1. Reflect on your past self

Reflect on your past self as the dancer, what experience do you have, what schools or studios you attend to develop your dancing skill.

  1. The achievement

You can mention the achievement of yourself in these past few years, even if it just matters. For example, maybe you’d become the leader of a dance organization, even if it is just in your school. What achievement and competition you attend, even when it is just the nominee, let alone you won over some of them. You can write about your collaboration or the dancing credit you have a name on.

  1. Special skills

To make it more convincing, you can add some special skills you have. For example, when you can do acrobatics movement or martial arts. The special skills you have will become the additional score that can boost the other people’s final judgment about you.

However, when you apply for some jobs or events as a dancer, write the content of your resume as relatable as possible, and focus on what they need from you or what the requirement is. Be specific, from whom did you learn? What is the title of the performance and when did that happen?

If you are having a difficult time and confused to start from where you can use the dance resume template as a guide on your writing!

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