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Preparing for Your Wedding? See this Wedding Checklist Template!

Are you planning to get married to your loved ones? Well, although it is still a few months away, or maybe a year or two from the wedding day, you have to plan everything well enough! To make it easier on planning every single thing, you have to see this wedding checklist template as it makes you understand every little information that you need.

What do you need to plan? See this timeline!

To make everything run well, we have created the timeline related to the wedding checklist template that you have to consider. This timeline is purposefully made for you to help you arrange your big day from little stuff to the big stuff. Also, it helps you organize everything so that you will not miss a thing. What is that wedding checklist? Here is a brief description for you to follow.

  1. 12 months away

We understand that it is a year away from your big day, but it will be great if you have prepared for a year or more for your wedding day. By this time, you have to decide the venue that your wedding will be held, and also determine how many budgets that will cost you both.

  1. 11 to 9 months away

After determining how many budgets that you both will spend on your wedding day and also deciding the venue, the next thing to prepare is the vendor! If you plan to hire a professional wedding organizer, then you need to book them ahead. By this time, you can also communicate with your vendors about your planned wedding event.

  1. 8 to 4 months away

The vendors have been set up; now it is the perfect time for you to buy a wedding dress. Besides, you can also talk to your partner about the honeymoon and book it ahead before it is too late. Then, both of you could also decide where to do the hair and makeup trial. Choosing the wedding cake is also recommended to do during this time.

  1. 3 to 1 months away

It gets closer and closer during your big day! At this time, you may use this time to write the vows for your marriage. After reading and revising your vows together, you might send an invitation to your colleagues and friends to come to the wedding event. You have to create a seating chart as well to make everything well planned.

  1. 1 week

You might feel nervous and could not think straight; you have to be calm and have faith that everything will run smoothly. During this time, you are recommended to do final dress fitting. Everything has been set up and do not forget to pray.

The wedding checklist template that we have mentioned to you above is a recommendation for you to make your big day well prepared and planned. Without using this kind of template, it will be hard for you to organize everything.

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Wedding checklist Ideas

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