10+ Youtube Banner Template Example PSD Design


Create A Professional Youtube Banner With Youtube Banner Templates

Youtube is one of the places you can unleash your creativity from choosing the content material, video making, and editing. On YouTube, there is a feature, where you can upload images for your profile and banner photos.

The right banner will bring up the characteristics of the Youtuber. Banners on Youtube are also often referred to as header images. This header is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your Youtube account.

What is the advantage of youtube banner templates?

There are many YouTube banner templates that you can download and use on your Youtube account. You don’t have to worry if others turn out to use the same design. Editing precisely and adjusting to your taste so that the header describes the owner of the account.

Youtube banner template can also be used as inspiration if you don’t want to use the exact same template design. After all, the purpose of the YouTube banner template is none other than to make it easier for YouTubers to get their banners done quickly.

How to add a banner on a YouTube account?

1.     Create a banner

You can use the design app to create your own design. For easier and faster, you can also use the YouTube banner template for your banner. This will help you complete the banner in a short time.

To do this, you can download it on the template provider’s website and then perform the editing on the template. Determine the right size so customization is easier and no important piece of design is cut off.

2.     Log in on your Youtube account

Next, when the banner is ready, you are logged in on your Youtube account and go to the homepage. Move the mouse over the Cover Art, and a small Settings button will appear.

Next, you click on that Setting and it will be redirected to the Channel Settings. The rectangle place is where you attach the banner. While the rounded image in the middle of the rectangle is where you put the profile picture.

3.     Uploading the banner

If you want to change the banner, then click the camera icon in the upper right corner. Then click Choose from your photos, choose the banner you created earlier and upload it.

Next, you will be directed to edit the banner so that it is appropriate, by crop the image. When you’re done, click Use Photo.

There it is, you have your youtube banner template as the header of your account!

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