10+ Best Resume Templates for Students


Best Resume Templates for Students to Build Personal Value

For the students, knowing the ways to make a good resume is very essential. As we know, a resume is an important document to be made, especially when a student wants to get a chance for continuing study or to get a new job. With the best resume templates for students, of course, they could reach their target easily.

Something that you –as the student, need to know, a resume can be a way to build personal value. With a good resume, of course, you could have a better personal value and it can a matter to be considered by a recruiter when you want to get a new job.


In this case, we will talk about some matters of resumes for students and how to make it. To know a complete resume, please take a seat and read the following writing below.

Sample of Best Resume Template for Students

We are sure that there are many samples of the best resume templates for students to be gotten from the internet. However, here we have a good sample that can be a reference when you want to make your resume. Through this resume, you could see the detailed information to be included there, including its format.

Andrea Wilhelmina

766 Green Bold Street, Chicago, US

(555) 881-1182



Personal Statement

High-dedicated chemistry undergraduate student with more than a year’s experience in industrial chemistry. Specialized in digital chromatography, statistical tools, and condensate analysis. Looking to develop my detailed-knowledge about industrial chemistry research, especially at the quality assurance department of your reputable and great organization.


Chicago State University,

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

June 2017

Magna Cum Laude

GPA: 3,8


“The correlation of the fractal exploration of oil and its environmental effect”, submitted for review to the undergraduate journal of industrial chemistry. August 2019.

Employment History

Chicago State University

Department of Chemistry

Research Assistant

June 2018 – April 2019

  • Assisted the professor in research on fractal analytics
  • Helped post-doctoral researches, especially in data entry and the whole analysis using SPSS
  • Conducted a field survey, especially to determine the whole opinion of the local communities

MSU Student Science Club

Assistant Treasurer

July 2018 – May 2019

  • Participated in every meeting of the club, especially for the executive
  • Compiled financial records, especially for the club, and made some recommendations to raise funds
  • Referred students to appropriate the administrative officials
  • Collected annual dues to the members of the club


  • Fractal analysis
  • Operate the fractional distillation equipment
  • Data analysis
  • SPSS
  • High leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Hard work

Hobbies and interest

  • Water sport
  • Reading
  • Discussing

How to Write Best Resume for Students

To write the best resume for students, there are some simple points to be applied. Of course, with these points, writing this document will be easier to be done.

Some points to be considered in writing this document are:

  • Use the proper format and structure of a resume
  • Study about the employer and the wanted position
  • Start with a nice personal statement or objective to get the employer’s attention
  • Be creative with the detailed education
  • Expand the work experience
  • Add other relevant sections
  • Proofread and edit before printing the resume

People also ask

What is the best resume shape for students?

The chronological format is a popular resume shape for the student. It can be the best option to be applied when you want to make your resume. Through this idea, you could emphasize some detailed information, especially about personal information, experience, and others.


What should now be included inside a resume?

Since you want to make the best resume for students, there are some matters to be underlined that you do not need to do. Things to be avoided in making a good resume for the students are:

  • Too much information
  • Too detailed interests and hobbies
  • Mistake in spelling and error in grammar
  • Inaccuracy information about the experience and qualification
  • Negative comments about the former employer


Is the design important for a professional resume?

For those who want to make a professional resume, considering the design of the resume is very essential. The whole design will influence the whole appearance of the resume that you made.

You need to apply an interesting design of your resume to build your personal information. However, do not apply a too complicated design in writing your resume. You may see some samples of the resume’s design for consideration.

Kinds of Best Resume Templates for Students

To inspire you in writing the best resume, you want, there are some ideas of the templates that you may consider. The ideas of the best resume templates for students below can be your references.


Assistant Dean of Student Resume Template

This template is very interesting, especially for those who want to be a new assistant dean. Through this template, you can write the whole information and requirement that should be completed to get the position.

College Student Resume Template

It is a versatile resume template that you could apply. This resume can be applied for different fields and purposes. Of course, through this resume template, you could make a good resume with the detailed-needed information.


Medical Student Resume Template

For the medical student, this template can be a helper for you. Do you try to build your value to get a new job in the medical field? Well, it is a resume sample that you need. This template shows the whole shape and arrangement of the resume template.

Engineering Student Fresher Resume Template

It is very challenging for the fresher to make a good and professional resume. However, with this template, writing a resume will be easier to be done. Whether you have experience or not, this template can be a helper and it will guide you to make your professional resume.

Nursing Student Resume Template

For the nursing students that want to start their career in the nursing field, this template can be a way to accept a new job. This template shows how the professional template of the resume looks like.

Well, that is all about the resume templates for the students that you should know. Scroll and find the best resume templates for students to help you get a new challenge!


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