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Event Program Template – What to Include, Advantages, and More

Talking about an event program template, this thing must be an important thing when you are going to have an event. Many people in today’s world prefer to use an event app instead of using a printed one. 

In this article, we have several templates of event programs you can use. Other than that, we will show you why a printable one is still needed even though going paperless is much preferable nowadays.

Why you need an event program template

As has been explained earlier, some events might still need the presence of a printable event program. Using an event program template would be a good idea in certain conditions.

For instance, checking the schedule or event details on the phone would be disruptive on live shows. Other than that, if the attendees base is an older demographic, they won’t bother to download an app for just an event. 

If the event stands for multiple days or locations, using an app wouldn’t be effective though. Thus, a printable event program is still needed even though we’ve lived in a modern yet paperless world.

Benefits of using an event program

Quick orientation

The purpose of an event program is to give orientation to attendees. Using a printed one will help them to figure out what’s going on and what they need to do quickly without looking on a screen.

Minimizing confusion

Event programs make important information easier to understand. Some details of an event can be complicated without words. 

A memento

A printed one also makes a memento that the attendees can take home. It is like a souvenir that holds the memory so tightly.

What to include in an event program?

When creating an event program, even though you edit a ready-made template, there are several things you need to include. These things are essentials though.

You need to put the event name, date, and where the event takes place. Don’t forget to include your logo and social media accounts of the event. Of course, it includes the website address as well.

If the show is divided into several stages, you need to put the location and time of each session. An event program is a place where you put shout-outs to vendors and sponsors of the event.


You can play with other things if you have a lot of space to explore. More than anything, an event program template helps you and the attendees a lot.

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