How to Write A Director Resignation Letter and Its Sample

Director is an individual who is charged to set the company’s corporate policy. There are several kinds of directors who work in companies, foundations, educational institutions, and so on. However, generally, directors are responsible for setting corporations’ policies, hiring and terminating executives, and also arranging executives’ compensation. With all those uphill responsibilities, no wonder that you might want to resign. As a professional, you have to compose a formal director resignation letter to the board of directors. By writing this letter, you can state the reasons behind your resignation and also maintain good relation with your coworkers. Here are the following tips to write the resignation letter.


Why do I have to write a resignation letter?

As the director of a company, your position is important. Your decision could affect the growth of the company. Although you belong to the top of executives who is responsible for hiring and terminating the other executives, you still need to write the resignation letter to the board of directors at least two weeks before the termination date. It is crucial to inform your resignation, so the board of directors could find someone to replace your position as soon as possible. Also, you still have to set a good example to your employees that you should be professional in the workplace.

What are some strategies if I want to resign as a director?

We have some strategies that you need to know before resigning as a director. The initial strategy is that you have to ensure all the projects or tasks you handle are finished. After that, discuss your resignation plan directly with the board of directors. This discussion is important because the board of directors will prepare the general meetings to choose the next candidate to replace your position. Do not forget to mention a good and strong reason for resigning. You also have to be professional and make the transition plan as smooth as possible. After you have done those stuff, you can write a director resignation letter as your official notification.

How should a letter of director’s resignation be composed?

You must have read a lot of resignation letters from the executives. The composition of the resignation letter is similar. Begin with a formal salutation and a statement that you want to resign from the director position. Then, include the effective date of your resignation. Do not forget to show your gratitude followed by the reasons why you leave the job. Make sure you write it politely although you may have unpleasant personal feelings. Then, close it with an offering that you will help the transition smooth, and sign it. The director resignation letter does not need to be long, but keep it brief.

Director Resignation Letter

If you still feel confused about how to write the resignation letter, we have provided a sample that can help you. Let’s see the following letter.

Dear Board of Directors,

It is with remorse that I have to inform you of my resignation from my current position as a director of Hawaii Theme Park, due to my health and family issues. My resignation will be effective starts on March 27, 2020. I am writing this letter to notify my official resignation from Hawaii Theme Park two weeks from today.

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience that may cause to Hawaii Theme Park due to my resignation. I would be happy to help in any way I could, such as training the next candidate of director to make this transition run smoothly. For further discussion, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (333)-666-9999 or via email at

It is an honor to serve as a director in Hawaii Theme Park. I am so thankful for the amazing experience during I work at this incredible company. I also want you to acknowledge that I am proud to be part of the most leading theme park in this country. I honestly believe that those experiences will become my best remembrance in the future. I wish that everyone in Hawaii Theme Park success and we remain to communicate with each other. Once again, thank you so much for giving me the chance.


Warm regards,



Alexander Tomlinson


Well, that is all about the brief tips and an example ofthe director resignation letter. You can take it as an inspiration in writing.













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