4+ Timesheet Template Free Sample


How to Download and Use Timesheet Template Free Sample

With the timesheet template free sample, designing a timesheet that streamlines and expedites your workflow as an employer or HR officer will be much simpler and easier. The template can be used immediately after you download it. There is nothing to modify except some small details regarding your identity or that of your company, such as company name and logo, address, and the name of your employees.

Before you download any of the free templates, you need to understand what a timesheet template is and how to use the template.

What Is a Timesheet Template?

The timesheet template free sample is a free template sample that you can use to design a timesheet. A timesheet is a sheet of paper that you use to record the amount of time your workers spend in their workplace. With a timesheet, you have a written document specifying whether your workers have fulfilled their duties, those who take day-offs and sick leaves, and how much salary you should pay to each employee depending on their working hours.

Important Tips When Choosing a Timesheet Template

Despite the document’s simplicity, there are various types of timesheet template free sample that you can use. One of the most important tips to follow when choosing a timesheet template is that you should specify the timeframe.

The time frame is generally determined by your employees’ payday. If you pay them every month, a monthly template is your best pick. You can also choose weekly, bi-weekly, and even daily and hourly templates. Another useful tip is to choose the right format for the template. If you want a print-ready template with no modification, choose a PDF template; if modification is needed, choose Word or other editable templates.

Template Sample

Here we provide you with every timesheet template free sample for every timeframe option. You can choose the right template based on your needs.

Monthly Template

A monthly template is useful for recording monthly timesheet.


Bi-Weekly Template

Choose this if you pay your workers on the 15th and 30th day of the month.


Daily Template

This template is useful if your employees have to switch duties within their daily working hours.


How to Use the Template

The procedure of using the timesheet template free sample differs depending on the format you choose. If you choose a PDF template, no modification can be done to the template and you should print it immediately after downloading it. The advantage of this format is that the document’s format will not be potentially altered by your computer’s lack of specific document functions and fonts.

If you need an editable template, choose other formats instead.


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