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Bootstrap Form Template Sample for Your Own Application and Website

What is a bootstrap form?

Bootstrap is a development framework that is free and open-source for building or developing websites and applications. It utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the framework to make the website and application that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

The bootstrap form is framework to build or create the form page. A simple bootstrap form is a login page, while the more complex one is sign-in page. Besides inputting text strings, it could also be used to make a checkbox form. Upload images and other files are possible.

Tips to use the bootstrap formĀ 

There are several tips to make the bootstrap editing easier. First of all, specify the needs or targets that you want to make. Then, formulate what is the element of the bootstrap that you need. Then you could take a look for the bootstrap form template sample that matches your requirements.

Other tips to make the page looks cool is by implementing some tricks, like hidden elements, extending the existing class and setting the navbar open by hovering, embed video or gif animation will also be interesting, but it would make the page heavy. It might need a long time to open the page.

Other elements like autocomplete and validation will make the website or application looks professional. Moreover, drag and drop file upload will also make it more user-friendly.

Bootstrap form Sample

As mentioned before, a simple bootstrap form could take form as a login page and sign up page. But there are actually more than that. It could be a survey form and subscription form too. Registration form, booking form, and a purchase form are other examples of bootstrap samples.

How to use the bootstrap form

To make a bootstrap form project, it depends on the development environment that you are using. There are plenty of options to execute the projects, for example Nodejs. Make sure to download and install the bootstrap 4 from the official website.

From the zip file, it could be extracted into directory files. Then, you could open the directory with the text editor. There are various text editors that you can use. you might get familiar with one of that, you could keep using that. VS Code is one of the text editors that is recommended by many people.

After that, you could test whether the script running properly. Voila, the bootstrap form template sample is now could be implemented into the website or application.

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