5+ Interview Follow up Email Template Importance

Not many people know that they can send the interview follow up email if they haven’t heard from the interviewer. In the professional world, such a thing is possible as long as you have positive email and polite words. Most people probably think that sending such an email is offensive. In reality, though, you can actually show your professional attitude and expand your network at the same time. If you do it right, you will be remembered. And if your time isn’t now, it is a sure thing that you may get another chance later.

About the Interview Follow up Letter

So you have just been interviewed and you felt that everything was going quite well. But you have waited for more than a week and you haven’t heard anything from the interviewer. This is the time for you to send the interview follow up email or letter, asking for confirmation about the result of the interview – and about your chances of being hired.

There are some reasons why you SHOULD send the letter:

  • You will have a kind of closure – a peace of mind. When everything is unsure and hazy, it is easy to assume a lot of things, especially the negative ones. Instead of having negative thoughts in your head or overanalyzing what you should have done (and shouldn’t have done), it would be best to simply ask for the confirmation.
  • You can ‘remind’ them of your potential and why it would be best (for them) to hire you. If you are able to compose the letter elegantly and in a respectful way, trust me – they will respect you and honor you.
  • It gives you closure. Once everything is confirmed, you can move on with your life. Even if you aren’t hired, you can always leave it behind and move forward.

How to Compose the Letter

There are some ways for you to compose the interview follow up email. It can be short or long, depending on your preference. But avoid using too long words that may bore the reader. If you are sending the short letter:

  • Don’t forget to mention the job or position in the first paragraph and also your gratitude for the interview
  • Mention the company’s name and also the conversation point. For instance, you can mention how the company is well-known for their marketing experience and relate it to your own interest and experience.
  • In the last paragraph, you can invite them for additional questions. Close it off with the statement that you are waiting for their response.
  • Sign the letter, and include your name and also contact person underneath the signature


If you are sending the long letter, the construction is almost the same:

  • Express your gratitude for the interview in the first paragraph. Don’t forget to mention your interest in the company and also the job
  • Mention the interest from the interview and expand it. Relate it to your experience.
  • On the third paragraph, mention why you are different from the other candidates
  • On the final paragraph, ‘remind’ them of your quality
  • Sign the letter, followed by your name and contact information

That’s how you compose the entire structure of interview follow up email

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