Exit Interview Letter 101: Why and How

Your employee suddenly wants to resign and he/she gives you an ambiguous reason. Then you want to figure out what has gone wrong with the management which caused him/her to do so? To know the underlying reason you may want to analyze it before the management problem gets bigger and will cause harm to the company. To prevent this, you can write an exit interview letter.


Why an Exit Interview? Is It a Must?

It is necessary for a company to maintain a good relationship among the employees no matter what kind of relationship they are. The purpose of an exit interview is to get feedback from the soon to be resigned employee of what condition the management in his/her point of view. If it is good, then it would not be a problem. Yet, there is a time that you may not see the inside of a management and how it affects the employee. It can look good on the outside and bad on the inside, right? To arrange an exit interview is the best choice. But first of all, invite your employee with an exit interview letter. In this interview, the employee will fill a questionnaire regarding the matter, so in the future you can analyze what will be the best option to fix the issue.

What does an Invitation to an Exit Interview Look Like?

Here is an insight of what an exit interview letter looks like:

Dear Mr. Edward,

We received your resignation letter and we thank you for telling us in advance. We understand your situation, so as the respond, we would like to arrange an exit interview to get an insight of your experience while working here to improve the work environment in the future.

Therefore, please attend the office of Mrs. Bertha on the 2nd floor on January 23, 2021. Before coming, please take some of your time to review and fill the attached questionnaire so we can discuss further about it. We will make sure that your response to the questionnaire will be confidential.

Finally, thank you for your service in the department for these years. Please contact (000) 000-0000 or email oc.hr@oc.com to confirm what time is convenient for you to attend the interview.



Dorothea Watson

Human Resources Supervisor

OC Inc.


Exit interview questionnaire

So, After Reading the Sample, You Know the Formula of an Exit Interview Letter

To make it simple, here are the points:

  • Introductory paragraph about the purpose of the letter—which is to invite your employee to an exit interview you have arranged.
  • Body paragraph about the details of the exit interview.
  • Closing paragraph about thanking your employee and add your contact information.
  • Voila! Done!

Some Tips Beforehand!

There are some warnings about what you should and not should do in making an exit interview letter.

Make it sounds both casual and formal. The purpose of this letter is to get your employee to participate in an exit interview. Make sure you don’t sound intimidating and highlight that this interview is necessary. Respect them; they will respect you back—all for your company’s sake. So, finally, good luck!


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