5+ wedding invitation templates sample


Recommended Themes for Wedding Invitations

A marriage is once in a lifetime moment. So, it is reasonable that you spend most of your attention on it, including a wedding invitation. Almost all brides wish for a memorable and pretty wedding invitation.

If you need some inspirations, you can look for free wedding invitation templates sample available on the internet. However, here are some recommended wedding invitation themes that you can consider.


If you are a lover of an effortless style combined with natural impressions from natural colors of leaves or Earth, you can consider choosing a rustic theme for your wedding invitation.

This rustic wedding invitation theme is also suitable for you who are planning to hold a garden or outdoor wedding party with a casual boho style. This theme will bring a natural and pretty look to your wedding invitation.


Another wedding invitation theme that will make the receiver amazed. A watercolor theme is getting popular today because it is filled with pretty colors. Many couples choose this watercolor wedding invitation theme because it looks simple and modern.

You can combine your favorite colors and your spouse’s favorite colors to create a unique watercolor wedding invitation.


For a wedding invitation, a romantic theme will indeed never go wrong. A romantic wedding invitation theme is mostly dominated by calm colors, floral designs, and feminine fonts.

A romantic theme becomes one of the most favorite wedding invitation themes because it can be easily matched with any wedding themes and decorations.


For you who want to bring simplicity to your wedding invitation, a minimalist theme will be a great choice. By applying this minimalist theme, your wedding invitation will look clean, simple, and modern at the same time.

This wedding invitation theme is also suitable for you who search for a timeless wedding invitation theme that will never go out of style.


Do you love anything vintage? Then, you can also try to apply a vintage theme to your wedding invitation. Do not be afraid that your wedding invitation will look old with this theme. Because with a proper design and color, it will look unique instead.

Make sure the design, colors, and fonts involved create great harmony so that you can have a good-looking vintage wedding invitation.

Those are the recommended themes that you can choose when you search for free wedding invitation templates sample. Which one are you interested to pick?


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