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Boost Your Sales Traffic Using Our Facebook Banner Template


Who doesn’t know Facebook, the most prominent social media and has the most users at the moment. Using a Facebook page is a surefire way to boost your sales. The Facebook page provides various facilities to introduce the products you sell. With a beautiful and beautiful design, you will get many visits to your pages, plus Facebook ads for sure. You can customize the appearance of your page to be similar to an online store. Use our Facebook banner template to enhance your page’s appearance and boost your sales quickly!

Powerful Tips To Boost Your Sales Using Our Facebook Banner Template

Creating a Facebook page is not the same as just creating a blog for your writing. Writing a blog does not require an attractive design because the concept of a blog only posts a variety of essays and images. Unlike the Facebook page, you need to design your page, so it is interesting to visit. Your page traffic is also greatly influenced by the product quality and advertising on Facebook itself. Here we provide a variety of simple tips to beautify our Facebook banner template so that your followers’ page increases.


  1. High Resolution

Never use images that have a low-resolution quality. This will have an impact on banner quality, which decreases and has an unclear display impression. Use high resolution and high definition image quality so that the results obtained to get a clear and uninterrupted display due to the small pixel size

  1. Font

Want to design your Facebook banner template to be read by many people even by reading skimming? Use writing that is friendly and easy to read. Also, adjust the actual font size, don’t be too small because it will be hard to read, and don’t be too big because it will use up your banner. Also, adjust the existing font style and choose if it is easy to read and familiar. No need to use a font style that is too flashy but hard to read

  1. Interesting Illustrations and Icons

Because photos and various writings are not enough to attract the reader’s attention, add some illustrations and some new icons on your banner. An exciting picture will bring the attention of the reader curious about the banners displayed and want to continue to know what the meaning of the banner to be conveyed.

  1. Suitable colors

Using colors must also be adjusted to the majority of the colors of the pictures and illustrations that you attach. Use colors on your Facebook banner template with the same group to make it look beautiful and dazzling. Do not let you use colors with a combination of equally striking colors, it will make the banner uncomfortable to see.

  1. Add your product review

To ensure your product’s credibility, add a review of your product by someone who has bought it. Include at the very bottom, it doesn’t need to be too big but can be seen clearly.


Facebook Banner Design Ideas

Facebook Banner Ideas

Already have an idea to create a Facebook banner using our Facebook banner template. Leave the conventional way and start selling your product via the Facebook page!



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