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Five Elements That Must Be On Your Wedding Guest List Template!


A wedding is something that every couple who wants to move on to the next level of life awaits. The preparation must not be arbitrary. It needs a clear, organized, and following the budget concept of the event. If you want to hold a wedding, make sure all the ideas are well planned, invitations have been prepared, and the party’s safety needs to be considered. Is the presence of guests necessary? You need a list to check guests, whether guests are matched on your databases or not. We have prepared a wedding guest list template that you can use at your wedding!

A Must Element In The Wedding Guest List Template That You Use!

Plan your party carefully! You can start from the event concept’s preparation, venue, and party’s protection, especially in open areas such as the beach or field. Surely you do not want to get some people who enter your marriage uninvited and without your knowledge. Track and identify each guest at the first gate to the party using our wedding guest list template. Make your luxurious wedding party safe for everyone. Some elements must be present for optimal use of the wedding list.


  1. Name and Address of the Guest

Make sure you prepare this element in your wedding guest list template. Guests can write their full name and home address. When they have written it in full, match the name and address with your guest database. This is intended to see the fitness of guests who come with those you invite. Don’t let someone who is not registered yet can enter your party!

  1. Telephone Number

Add the telephone number section to your guest list. Phone numbers will be beneficial to provide sudden news when guests are already in the venue. You can share any information about your wedding party with the guest’s phone number anytime, anywhere. Easy right?

  1. Table Number and Seat Number

Arrange the seating and table for guests. You will easily organize guests who come quickly, even though you have a large number of guests. Provide the table number and the appropriate seat number and predetermined to the guests. Thus, you can quickly contact your guests if you have an urgent need for something that needs to be discussed.

  1. Prize Checklist

Make a checklist for prizes given by guests on your wedding guest list template that possible to simplify the management of rewards obtained, bearing in mind the number of awards to be received will undoubtedly be very large.

  1. Thank You Card Checklist

Don’t forget to make a checklist for thank you card given to guests. You will never forget to give a huge thank you card to the guests.

Wedding Guest List Ideas

Wedding Guest List Example

Include the elements above on your wedding guest list template so you can monitor all guests. Make a wedding that is safe for everyone!





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