Why Should I Write A Resignation Acceptance Letter?

As an employer, there are times when you will receive a resignation letter from one of your employees. As a form of confirmation that you accept the resignation, you can write a formal letter to the employee which means you are responding to the resignation letter. You can also discuss some important things in the letter such as the last salary and replacement of your employee who temporarily resigned. Write your resignation acceptance letter with the concepts and aspects as stipulated in the business letter format.


Is It Important To Write An Acceptance Letter of Resignation?

If you are asking whether it is important or not to write an acceptance letter when your employee resigns, of course, it could be important. The letter is a formal notification that you have accepted the resignation made by your employee. You can also acknowledge the contributions that have been made by your employees for certain years.

In your letter format, don’t use a tone that is condescending or talks about the reasons for your employee left. It’s better to stay neutral and always use positive expressions. You must look wise and professional even though you feel disappointed over your employee’s resignation. However, your employee also has the right to resign, provided that they comply with the applicable procedures.

How To Write An Acceptance Letter of Resignation?

There are several elements that you must include in writing an acceptance letter for resignation, such as the proper format and structure, date and contact information, greetings, acceptance of resignation, last day of employment, salary information, and your signature. Don’t overlook these important aspects. Also, take note of the two important aspects of creating a suitable format:

Using the appropriate letter format

It’s better to use a business letter format to write your letter. In the letter, write that you accept the resignation submitted by your employee. Besides, don’t miss to write your employee’s last day of working with the company.

Using A Positive Tone

Even if you feel disappointed or lost, you should write your resignation acceptance letter in a positive tone. State that you respect your employee’s decision and support her to be more advanced in the future. You can also offer to provide a reference letter if necessary.

Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample

Below is an example of a letter of resignation acceptance that you can pay attention to. It’s also possible for you to customize this letter format:

Dear Mr. Zachary,

I’m writing to receive your resignation letter on January 20, 2021. In which you ask to resign from your position as a sales manager at ABC company. I confirm that I accept your request.

Your final salary and benefits will be prepared on January 23, 2021. You can collect them in person at the company, or ask us to send a check to your address. If you choose this method, you can inform your address by email.

I feel like I’m missing one of the most talented sales managers at ABC company, but I appreciate your decision. Thank you for your seven years of contribution, you have helped a lot in making progress for this company.

On the other hand, Ms. Sarah agrees to take your place temporarily until your replacement is found. Do not hesitate to provide assistance or advice to Sarah regarding your responsibilities or duties as a sales manager. I wish you the best things for your future and career.

Yours Truly,


Gregory Scott


ABC Company

It is clear that a resignation acceptance letter can be a formal confirmation that an employer agrees with the resignation submitted by the employee. Hope our brief explanation and sample above can help you a lot.


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