Tips To Write A Professional Deacon Resignation Letter

You may want to resign as a deacon, either for reasons of moving or helping out at another church. As a professional move to quit a particular church, you should write a deacon resignation letter as a professional resignation attempt. A letter of resignation at church can be given to the presiding deacon, a member of the deacon council, a senior pastor, or perhaps a church congregation. The most important thing is to write your letter in the correct format according to the rules.


How DO I Quit Church Politely?

If you are sure to leave the church politely, you must quit according to the procedure. There are several reasons that deacons may use to leave the church, such as choosing another career, helping another church, decreasing health conditions, or perhaps moving to another city. The following are some of the steps you need to follow to leave politely:

Arranging a Meeting with the Pastor

Think carefully about the reasons that you will propose. Then, you need to meet with the pastor in person and explain your resignation plans and why. It is more polite to see the pastor in person than to send him a message via email.

Restoring Church Property

If during work you receive some property from the church, you are obliged to return it before officially leaving the church.

Submit Official Resignation Letter

The next most important point is submitting a formal resignation letter. Write the letter according to the format and sign it at the bottom of the letter. It is possible to send letters via email, but it is more polite to meet the person in person in person.

How To Write A Resignation Letter As Deacon?

Your resignation letter must include several important things such as a clear intention to resign, reasons for resigning with an exact date, plans for the transition period, express gratitude, close and sign the resignation letter. A deacon’s reasons for resigning vary, so there is no truly official deacon resignation letter format.

Deacon Resignation Letter Example

After reading the tips and format of the resignation letter, it’s time to write the letter. Here is a practice sample of a letter that you can use as inspiration:

Dear Pastor Gregory and Deacon Board,

I am writing to let you know that I will resign as a deacon at XYZ Community Church. After I prayed and discussed many things with my family, I concluded and made up my mind that I had a deteriorating health condition. I have also been in and out of the hospital many times to be treated. The last day I served at XYZ Community Church was January 8, 2021, so this will be my two weeks notice.

I regretted giving up my position as deacon, but I had no other choice because of my deteriorating health condition. This is also the best for the church because I have not been able to provide the best service during the last few months. I am happy to help with several things during my transition, I also intend to remain active at XYZ Community church.

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and valuable experiences during my time as part of the church. I pray for the prosperity and glory of the church.



Charles Hammington

All in all, a deacon resignation letter is the most polite way to quit a church. Hope our brief explanation and sample above can help you a lot.


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