The Best Reasons Before Writing An Emergency Leave Letter

Nobody knows about bad things that will happen in the future, for example, a family member’s sickness, health condition, or other emergencies. On the other hand, employees must remain professional and courteous to employers. This condition makes employees apply for sudden leave from the company. If you are in the same position, you can also apply for leave by writing an emergency leave letter. That way, the employer will know the emergency you are experiencing and permit you to leave.


What Are The Best Reasons For An Emergency Leave?

Here are some reasons that make an employee force to apply for an emergency leave:

Poor Health Condition

If your health condition worsens, or maybe you suffer from certain diseases that require medical surgery, then you can apply for leave. After all, the health of employees is very important. Therefore, employee performance can improve, and work can be done easily.

Emergency in the Family

If your family is sick or has an accident, you may have an obligation to look after your family. Such conditions make you look after and care for your family, so it’s natural for you to ask for permission to not come to work. Besides, if there is sudden death on the part of your family, then you might not go to work, right?

What Is The Best Format For Letter of An Emergency Leave?

There are various formats for writing an emergency leave letter, the most common of which is to write it briefly by discussing the reasons for applying for the leave and the estimated date of return to work. You can also add contact information in the letter if you wish to be contacted while on leave. Leave application letter should be sent to your company supervisor, don’t forget to make a copy and give it to the head of the human resources department. To make it easier, here are some elements you should include in your letter:

  • Describe the emergency underlying the leave
  • The day of returning work
  • Contact information
  • Use a polite and convincing tone
  • Write the letter concisely

Emergency Leave Letter Example

You can write a leave letter by paying attention to the several aspects above. If you are still confused, you can use the letter format below as an example:

Dear Ms. Jane,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am taking an emergency leave. My grandmother had an accident while crossing the street and was hospitalized. Her condition has improved, but everyone in my family lives outside the city, so I am responsible for looking after my grandmother. Besides, our household assistant is also on leave to give birth and is in her village now. I plan to return to work next Tuesday, January 12, 2021, I hope you will accept my leave request.

I will be working on some of my assignments and projects from home if possible, I will also finish all assignments as soon as I get back to work. If you have any questions regarding my emergency leave, please contact me at (444)-4444-444 or email me at

I thank you for your availability considering my urgent leave application. I promise I will work better and harder after my one-week leaves end.

Yours sincerely,


Natalie Bronze

Senior Assistant

First Company

To sum up, you must write an emergency leave letter in a clear and concise format. Don’t forget to add some important aspects, such as your returning day to work and contact information.


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