What Should Be Prepared Before Writing An RN Recommendation Letter?

Whatever the profession of a candidate is applying for, a letter of recommendation is always needed to provide support or reinforcement for a prospective employee. Usually, it will be attached along with a resume and cover letter, but it can also be requested by a prospective employer after the interview process. If you wish to write a letter of recommendation for a nurse, make sure you include the appropriate aspects and elements so that you can result in the best RN recommendation letter. In this article, we will invite you to discuss the steps in writing the letter.


What Should The Applicant Provide?

If you are asked to write a letter of recommendation, make sure you know the applicant well. Also, don’t forget to ask the applicant to prepare some official documents to support the letter perfectly and nothing will be left out.

Ask the applicant to prepare a copy of the resume. That way, you can find out some detailed information regarding the experience and qualifications of the applicant.

But most importantly, you must know the applicant well and be able to write a letter honestly. If you feel that you do not know the applicant well, it is better to refuse. So the applicant can ask for recommendations from others.

How To Write A Recommendation Letter For RN?

There are several formats you can use to write an RN recommendation letter, but the most important point is to include the applicant’s experience, qualifications, and skills. After that, you need to follow the following important steps to create a suitable reference letter:

Writing an Introduction

In this section, you need to explain who you are and your relationship with the nurse. It can be about one or two sentences which is a general statement of recommendation, it could be the achievements made by the nurse.

Experience, Skills, and Qualifications

The next important point is to include the skills, experience, and qualifications of the nurse. Show that the nurse you are recommending does have promising advantages and contributions. So that prospective employers will be sure to recruit the right nurse.

Provide examples

Specific examples of skills or rewards from nurses will be an additional point. You can also tell about the way the nurses think, including the attitude and empathy they have. It could also be how the client responds to the nurse.

Ending With Conclusion

Before closing the letter, make sure you have reached the right conclusion. State once again that you recommend the nurse. After that, close the letter with a signature.

RN Recommendation Letter Example

Here is an example of a recommendation letter for RN that you can pay attention to as a brief sample:

Dear Administrator Johnson,

I am writing this letter to recommend Maria Patterson to become an RN in your hospital. Maria is one of the nurses we are most proud of here, at ABC Hospital. I knew her extraordinary potential during the eight years of working together, I think Maria is a smart, friendly, cheerful, skilled, and dedicated person. I am sure she can always have achievements while working anywhere.

Maria has a specialist in pediatric surgery. Her knowledge about the medical world is very broad, not only limited to the surrounding fields. She has many patients who love her very much, the children also don’t want to be handled by other nurses besides Maria. She is a wonderful nurse, I am sure our hospital will miss her. But I do know that Maria deserves a bigger hospital environment.

I recommend Maria Patterson for the RN position at XYZ Hospital. I hope you are willing to consider this letter of recommendation, if you have any questions regarding Maria, please feel free to contact me at (333)-3333-333 or email me at doctordave@email.com.

Warm Regards,


Dave Jackson, III, M.D.

Senior Partner

ABC Hospital

In brief, make sure you know about the nurse before writing an RN recommendation letter. As has been stated above that your reference letter must consist of several important and honest informations about the applicant.


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