Human Resources Officer Cover Letter For Candidate Without Experience

Human resources officer has responsibilities to look for and develop employees. The functions of the HR officer in the company also includes performing training and monitoring the employees’ performances. This position has a very demand these days. And if you are putting this position on your radar, make sure you write the Human Resources officer cover letter well by emphasizing the related skills and experience.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Human Resource Officer?

Each company might have specific duties and responsibilities, but generally, they include the following:

  • Responsible for recruitment, training, and development of the staff.
  • Monitoring that all staff gets paid properly and on time along with pensions and other benefits based on the employees’ agreements.
  • Monitoring and approving the job description and vacancy advertisements.
  • Looking after the wellness of the employees as well as organizing various activities and sessions.
  • Advising the line managers and others about the employment policies and its procedures.
  • Making sure the candidates get the correct work in the company.
  • Helping the company negotiating the contract, working conditions, and also salary.

How To Write A Human Resources Officer Cover Letter Without Experience?

The ugly truth about the hiring process is most companies want and experienced candidates. Writing a human resources officer cover letter can be so much challenging because you have to feature the best things that are related to the position. However, there are still always achievements and relevant skill to catch the attention of the hiring manager. You can explain how your skill can benefit the employees and you can provide your value so your cover letter can still look standing


When you don’t have experience in this position, you can focus on the soft skills you have gained from joining extracurricular or other educational courses and event volunteering. Remember that soft skills are valued. So, you don’t have to give up.

The Example of Human Resources Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Plump,


I would like to apply for the position of Human Resources Officer in ABC Company which you have advertised. I am very confident that my skills and background suit the requirements which to be an HR Officer, a candidate must have a strong communication skill, well-rounded education, and legal knowledge. I am sure that I meet the requirements and able to be an asset to the company.

I have experience dealing with employee morale and labor relations. I also have experience in creating a report and managing it in a good manner during my internship program.

I am aware that I have not enough experience in working as an HR Officer, but I am sure I am a fast learner. I possess good communication skills and a good understanding of contracts, legalities, and other aspects.

I will appreciate it if you spend some minutes reviewing my resume and set a time to meet for an interview. I would gladly explain my potential. Please reach me at (555)6565-6565 or by email at



Elena Brown


There are ways to convince a hiring manager that you are a good candidate. You can elaborate on your soft skills and explain how your skills can help the company. We hope our human resources officer cover letter helps you.

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