10+ Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae


Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae to land the first job

If you are planning to secure an internship position, you probably need to arrange a curriculum vitae for this job position. Gaining this purpose, you can select one of the best sample internship curriculum vitae that will lead you to arrange the proper template. With this sample, you can arrange the proper template easily.

Many samples are available to select for this sample internship curriculum vitae idea. Moreover, you have to make this template impressive by selecting the suitable position with your idea. In other words, you have to be selective before you writing this CV for the internship.

The sample internship curriculum vitae template 

To inspire you to write this CV, you can read the following sample that will guide you to arrange the proper CV for the internship without any difficulties.

Gabrielle Alexander

Personal Info

Phone: (666)-990-0093

Email: alexandergabrielle46@gmail.com


To obtain an entry-level position as a mechanical engineer with ZMT Technology and allowing me to utilize my education. An internship experience when gaining valuable work experience in a team-oriented environment. Energetic and problem solver to work with the team.



White Corporation – Texas, January 2019 – present

  • Create manufacturing standard that was adopted throughout the production facility
  • Added in facility energy analysis
  • Design fixture to improve rubber flash material
  • Team with engineering department to test the design of material and documented finding

Team leader

Growing Green Incorporation – Texas, August 2016 – December 2018

  • Offered maintenance and preparation of all racers
  • Served as tire specialist and recorded all scale data
  • Worked in a team of 10 + crew members to prepare sheet metal work on all racers and overall upkeep of all radio used by each team member


Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering

Kentucky University

GPA: 3.5

Key skills 

  • Skilled and solid works, Math CAD, MS. Office, PLC programming, and machine
  • Knowledge in mechanical engineering science such as fluid mechanics, the strength of materials
  • Fast learner and independent with strong leadership and critical thinking skills


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

How to create sample internship curriculum vitae

If you want to arrange this CV, the sample internship curriculum vitae design will help you to arrange it well. Moreover, you also need to follow some steps below to make this template getting impressive to read.

  • Start with your name and contact info. You also need to write your email address and phone number
  • Write the summary of your profile in a short paragraph. It should introduce who you are and explain why you are interested in this internship, and your career aspirations
  • Include the key skills and put together a list of bullet points, highlighting your strengths and personal skills
  • Education and you need to put your most recent qualification first

People also ask

What skills are required for an internship?

If you are interested to apply for this job position, you can read the sample internship curriculum vitae document. The sample will lead you that it has certain skills that should be included in your template. Here are some certain skills to include in your CV.

1) Passionate

2) Work ethic

3) Entrepreneurial

4) Ability to solve the problem

5) Self-disciplined

6) Independent and a leader

How to write an internship curriculum vitae with no experience?

Furthermore, when you have no experience but you want to apply for an internship, you need to pay attention to some ideas below. Here are some parts that should be followed when you want to arrange this template.

1) Put down your contact information by writing first and last name, phone number, and email address

2) Write your resume objective. It is usually written in 3-4 sentences max and includes information about your study field, skills, and other

3) Emphasize your education

Kinds of sample internship curriculum vitae

Moreover, since internship has many positions in the company, you also will find some kinds of sample internship curriculum vitae format design. Here are some types of internship CVs that can be followed as your sample.

Neuroscience internship Curriculum vitae 

This resume is interesting because it shows you to arrange the proper internship in neuroscience. This resume emphasizes the skills and also the education. This job position has specific skills that should be relevant to the job position so that you need to pay attention to this idea.

Sample internship curriculum vitae with no experience 

This resume will highlight your most impressive qualities and skills. Besides, this resume is also will simply list or enumerates the skills and expands further by how the skills were able to help you out in the past. The resume also will help you to mention some extracurricular activities that you performed.

Professional internship curriculum vitae

Since this resume is a professional CV, this resume will be the convenience of the readers. Besides, this resume also will organize your experience on your resume so that it will be able to find what they want from you easily. The resume also will proudly explain your duties and responsibilities to the readers.

Postdoctoral internship Curriculum vitae 

The resume will show that you are proud of your previous experience. This CV also will show you that you are enthusiastic about what you did and are really serious about the position that you are trying to apply for. The resume also will show everything you want on the template properly.

Sample internship curriculum vitae in Word 

This resume is in Word so that it will be easily customized and edited. This resume is simple but it will be useful for you who never arrange this template. In other words, the type of this CV is simple but it will influence the way people apply for the job as internship without any difficulties with the template.

Your sample internship curriculum vitae will be the best sample if you can learn to use the professional-sounding keyword for this job position. It means that you need to use impressing-sounding keywords in your resume. You also need to organize your experience for the convenience of the readers and organize the experience on your resume as well.

Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae Sample


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