Simple Ways To Write A Bilingual Teacher Cover Letter

Becoming a bilingual teacher is not easy. You must be able to create a comfortable, active, and fun classroom atmosphere. Being accepted as a bilingual teacher is also an honor. If teaching as a bilingual teacher is your passion, then you can start writing a bilingual teacher cover letter to apply for jobs. Here are some explanations about the job of a bilingual teacher and its sample.


What Does A Bilingual Teacher Do?

If you are applying for a position as a bilingual teacher at the primary school level, you will teach several subjects in two languages. However, if teaching in a mainstream school, you will be teaching only a few subjects.

In summary, you have several important tasks such as the following:

  • Give homework and rate it
  • Prepare materials and tests or quizzes
  • Teach the curriculum following what the school applies
  • Updates on the latest culture in the social environment, so it can teach more flexible material
  • Create a comfortable class atmosphere, for example with discussion or presentation activities

What Are The Qualifications of A Bilingual Teacher?

As a bilingual teacher, you will need to master the following skills:

  • Have a high enthusiasm for learning
  • Able to socialize well
  • Able to communicate well
  • Proficient in English and other languages, at least one language
  • Active in providing answers to questions
  • Able to manage time well
  • Can make a presentation orally
  • Have qualifications in the field of education

How To Write A Good Cover Letter?

To produce a good bilingual teacher cover letter, you will need to include several qualifications related to education and languages. You can say the language that you master besides English, at least one other language.

Because it will be considered as a plus for employers to hire you. Also, don’t forget to mention some of your relevant experiences and degrees in education.

Bilingual Teacher Cover Letter Sample

To make it clear, it would be better to pay attention to the sample below:

Dear Ms. Georgia,

I am writing to express my interest in applying to be an open bilingual teacher at your school, ABC School District.

I have a bilingual education certification, I also have a bachelor’s degree in education and have been passionate about the teaching profession for a long time. I have taught English in kindergartens, elementary schools, well-known tutoring, even tutored in large companies. I have an English as a second language (ESL) certification.

I have good interpersonal skills. I know how to teach children, youth, and adults. Having a special method to make them feel comfortable and active in the classroom is also my specialty. Besides, I am also good at operating computers, collecting data, and even making relevant materials. I use a learning method where the tutor will have direct discussions with the students.

I am good at speaking French, Spanish, and Mandarin. So, it will be very easy for me to teach children who speak that languages.

Please call me at (222)-3322-444 if you would like to ask more questions about my qualifications.



Amanda Thomson

Enclosure: Resume

We can conclude that your bilingual teacher cover letter must consist of some important elements including your certifications. It will be a plus if you have some excellent experiences in the field of teaching.



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