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Using a Simple Resume Template: What Must Be Included

A simple resume template can work wonders. You do not need a very sophisticated resume to land a job, as long as it includes all the important information your potential employer needs. Here is how you can build your own resume.

Writing a Simple Resume

Even simple resumes can go a long way in job applications. Follow these steps to make sure that you can write a powerful one.

Select a Template

It is easier to start with a format. The most common format is the reverse-chronological resume. It highlights your relevant achievements, skills, and experience in recent years. However, this template may not be suitable if you are a fresh graduate with little skill or experience.

There are many websites that provide many simple resume template variations, such as Google Drive, Freesumes, Behance, and Canva. Find the format that suits you the most, while still including important information.

Personal Information

The first part of your resume is your personal contact information. This section tells your future employer how to contact you for the job interview. The information you put here must be accurate and up-to-date. Here is what you must put:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Cell phone number
  • Professional email address
  • Link to online professional profiles or portfolio
  • Social media and website or blog, if relevant

Resume Summary

Your summary is a short statement to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the role. It includes your position and years of experience, your achievements, and what you want to do in the position you apply for. If you have no experience, write your motivation for applying and skills that are relevant to the position.

Work Experience

Include three relevant job experiences from the most recent to the oldest. Specify your job title, your employer and job location, start and end date of employment, and key responsibilities in the position. For entry-level candidates with no work experience, replace this part with your educational experience.


Mention your degree and credentials in reverse-chronological order. If you have a college degree, you do not need to include your high school. List the program and institution name, years attended, as well as GPA and achievements if necessary.


Only include relevant skills in your simple resume template. They can be hard skills such as proficiency in using certain programs or soft skills such as leadership or teamwork.

10+ Wedding Invitation Free PSD Template

What to Look When Searching for Wedding Invitation Templates

A wedding is an important event in someone’s life and one essential part of celebrating the event is the wedding invitation. It is sure nice to have the wedding invitation that is designed and customized according to your wish. But what if designing is not your thing or you don’t have enough time to design the wedding invitation from scratch? The answer will be to get wedding invitation templates.

Why getting wedding invitation templates

Many trusted sites will give you a wide variety of templates and your job will be choosing which one you think is the closest to your dream wedding invitation. By getting wedding invitation templates you will get many benefits.

Saving money and time would be the most notable advantage of choosing templates for wedding invitations. It will cut the time if compared with designing it from zero. Saving money means that you don’t have to pay a professional designer to create the design for you. Thousands of unique and beautiful templates are free to download,no payment needed.

What to look in wedding invitation templates

If you have no idea where to start, there are some things you must consider before getting to choose the templates for the wedding invitation. In choosing wedding invitation templates you must pay attention to certain things.

  1. Deciding on colors

To pick colors is not simple of a task. Colors as important as themes, styles, and motifs should complement each other and should represent what you want the whole wedding to look and the vibe of the whole thing. The colors and style should also represent you and your partner’s personality, which will make the wedding invitation look personalized.

  1. Make it legible

The purpose of an invitation is to give information about an event. So your wedding invitation must do so. It must be clear enough to be read. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read though they are considered pretty.

  1. Check the information 

In choosing the template you must check first if all the information you want to include is all there such as the time and dress code. It won’t be good if any information is left out and causing confusion to the guests.

  1. Know the etiquette

Though the template is available for you without having to design form zero, it does not mean that you should ignore the etiquette in the wedding invitation. Things like how to write the bride and groom’s name, or what should be written full and which one should be abbreviated.

3+ Venn Diagram Free PSD Template Free Template in PSD

The Components of Venn Diagram Template

Choosing the Venn diagram template which is available online is the easiest way to start whatever projects you are working on. With hundreds of examples of diagrams, you can easily modify it to make it how you like it to look. The templates will make it easier for you to prepare your next presentation.

What is this Venn diagram

The diagram is made from two or more circles that overlap and is used to show relationships between the variables. The relationships that are being informed are mostly differences or similarities. In the diagram, the data are not always put inside the circles. There are some which exist outside the circle for they don’t belong to any of the categories presented.

One circle is a Venn diagram that represents one category of the data and the overlap parts show how the categories of the data have similarities. This overlapping area is named intersection. You can include more than two categories which also can be represented by more than two circles in one Venn Diagram.

History of Venn diagram

The name of the Venn diagram is taken after the one who popularized it named John Venn, an English Logician. It was known to be used since the early 13th century but was made popular in 1880. John Venn was inspired by Swiss mathematician and Logician called Leonhard Euler who used the same approach in organizing data. The Eulerian circles were not overlapped like Venn’s.

What are the components of the Venn diagram?

in the Venn diagram template, you will find these components that we will discuss shortly.

  1. Intersection

The intersection is the name to call the sections that overlap.

  1. Union

Union happens when all circles are combined.

  1. Symmetric difference

This is to call the parts of the circles which do not intersect. The parts which are indicating differences than similarities.

  1. Relative complement

The individual circle overlaps but does not belong to the intersection.

  1. Absolute complement

The absolute complement is the name to call any area in which is not included in the set. The area around circles also belongs to this category.

  1. Universal set

The last component that you will find in the Venn diagram template is a universal set. This is to call the area around the existing circles. The universal set is the largest and usually drawn as a big rectangle which then all smaller circles are drawn inside it. The universal set is usually given the letter E as its symbol.

Important Elements In Writing A Good Theatre Producer Resume

In a theater company, the role of a producer is very important. Several tasks must be done by producers to give the best for the running of the company. If you have a passion for theater, it’s time to prove that you have the right talent. Apart from writing a professional cover letter, you must also create a resume with the appropriate elements. The following is a brief discussion of an outstanding theatre producer resume.

How To Be A Producer?

To become a producer, you cannot achieve it easily. Initially, you must have a variety of experiences from below before finally being promoted to a higher position. Most people will seek experience as a producer in well-developed companies before finally succeeding to open their production.

If you want to have valuable experience to become a producer in the theater field, you can make a good and professional theatre producer resume to make the employers hire you.

What Skills Does A Producer Need?

Actually, there are no specific requirements to become a producer. But a producer has some distinctive and outstanding qualifications. Because a producer will have a big role in running the theater company.

A degree in Business Management will provide a great opportunity for acceptance into a producer. However, the most important thing is your experience in the theatre field.

The following are some of the skills you must have if you want to apply for a position as a producer:

  • Know about business management
  • Have good leadership skills
  • Can work with a team
  • Able to manage the organization, members, and all things related to the team
  • Able to collaborate and communicate well
  • Can solve problems and make decisions

These qualifications are needed to support your responsibilities as a producer. Because you have to be able to manage the necessary budget, negotiate, issue contracts, approve theater schedules, hold important meetings with creative teams, artists, and much more.

Theatre Producer Resume Example

The following is an example of a resume that you can use as inspiration for writing your format. Hope this sample will help a lot:

Christoper Matthew

2234 Wall Street

Dublin, CA 55447

(444) -3322-22


Job Objective

Helping jobs in companies using talents and skills that can make the business progress as a whole. Determine various matters and decisions related to work.

Qualifications Summary:

  • Friendly, intimate, and easy to get along with all members of the theater
  • Have extensive knowledge about theater and all aspects related to theater
  • Understand a marketing strategy for a thriving theater production facility
  • Works well with everyone

Work experience:

Theater Producer in March 2006 to September 2019

Dream High Studios, Dublin, CA

  • Determining the theater stage, selecting writers, actors, and the entire crew
  • Discussing and coordinating with the team about the theater events that will be held
  • Ensuring that the financial budget is following the production to be carried out
  • Creating a marketing plan that can streamline production


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Dublin University, Ireland, YZ


That’s all our short explanation about the theatre producer resume and its sample. By paying attention to some elements above, you may get a new understanding.


Simple Ways To Write A Bilingual Teacher Cover Letter

Becoming a bilingual teacher is not easy. You must be able to create a comfortable, active, and fun classroom atmosphere. Being accepted as a bilingual teacher is also an honor. If teaching as a bilingual teacher is your passion, then you can start writing a bilingual teacher cover letter to apply for jobs. Here are some explanations about the job of a bilingual teacher and its sample.

What Does A Bilingual Teacher Do?

If you are applying for a position as a bilingual teacher at the primary school level, you will teach several subjects in two languages. However, if teaching in a mainstream school, you will be teaching only a few subjects.

In summary, you have several important tasks such as the following:

  • Give homework and rate it
  • Prepare materials and tests or quizzes
  • Teach the curriculum following what the school applies
  • Updates on the latest culture in the social environment, so it can teach more flexible material
  • Create a comfortable class atmosphere, for example with discussion or presentation activities

What Are The Qualifications of A Bilingual Teacher?

As a bilingual teacher, you will need to master the following skills:

  • Have a high enthusiasm for learning
  • Able to socialize well
  • Able to communicate well
  • Proficient in English and other languages, at least one language
  • Active in providing answers to questions
  • Able to manage time well
  • Can make a presentation orally
  • Have qualifications in the field of education

How To Write A Good Cover Letter?

To produce a good bilingual teacher cover letter, you will need to include several qualifications related to education and languages. You can say the language that you master besides English, at least one other language.

Because it will be considered as a plus for employers to hire you. Also, don’t forget to mention some of your relevant experiences and degrees in education.

Bilingual Teacher Cover Letter Sample

To make it clear, it would be better to pay attention to the sample below:

Dear Ms. Georgia,

I am writing to express my interest in applying to be an open bilingual teacher at your school, ABC School District.

I have a bilingual education certification, I also have a bachelor’s degree in education and have been passionate about the teaching profession for a long time. I have taught English in kindergartens, elementary schools, well-known tutoring, even tutored in large companies. I have an English as a second language (ESL) certification.

I have good interpersonal skills. I know how to teach children, youth, and adults. Having a special method to make them feel comfortable and active in the classroom is also my specialty. Besides, I am also good at operating computers, collecting data, and even making relevant materials. I use a learning method where the tutor will have direct discussions with the students.

I am good at speaking French, Spanish, and Mandarin. So, it will be very easy for me to teach children who speak that languages.

Please call me at (222)-3322-444 if you would like to ask more questions about my qualifications.



Amanda Thomson

Enclosure: Resume

We can conclude that your bilingual teacher cover letter must consist of some important elements including your certifications. It will be a plus if you have some excellent experiences in the field of teaching.



Scientific Writer Cover Letter And How to Write It

Compared to other writing jobs, the scientific writer has different challenges when it comes to tasks. The job is not only about writing good articles, but also do some research for various article types, such as news, features, business, scientific themes, and so on. The information here is pretty complex because the information such be factual and not based on assumption. The writing should be concise, accurate, and clear. If you are eying this position on the radar, writing a great scientific cover is more than necessary. It is the first gate to pass the first screening process.

What Are The Responsibilities of A Scientific Writer?

There are some responsibilities to do as a scientific writer, which are as follow:

  • Publish articles online or in print with agreed format and styles.
  • Conducting interviews with required sources such as scientists, academics as well as doctors.
  • Attending conferences, visiting establishments, attending a meeting with colleagues, and many more.

How Much Does A Scientific Writer Make?

In terms of salary, it depends on the company or institutions. Besides, it also depends on the experience and types of employers. Note that a new scientific writer might earn less. He or she needs to work to gain more experience. Expecting a salary rise is possible when the individual has a lot of experience.

Because the salary depends on various factors, the working hours also depend on the working policies. Generally, it will be from 9 am to 5 pm. However, a scientific writer needs to work the long hours to meet the deadline. A flexible working hour is needed in this case as this is mostly a time-consuming project.

What Can You Expect From This Position?

Typically, the individual is required to work in the office to do an interview or meet clients.

Sometimes, the scientific writer works on a freelancing basis.

The Example Of Scientific Writer Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Alissa,

I am writing this letter to express my interest as a Scientific Writer in the ABC Clinic.

I have a bachelor’s degree and have 4 years’ experience in working as a journalist that worked in scientific articles. I handled various tasks such as writing articles and do researches for scientific magazines.

I understand the complexity of writing scientific articles that need excellent skill and dignity. All information written on the articles must be the responsibility of writers and company. Therefore, I make sure that I write articles based on required procedures.

I possess strong communication and analytic skills. because I have interviewed various professionals, I understand how to dig data.

I am excited to share my experience and I am available if my skill is needed. I will appreciate it if you spend a little time letting me present my potential. Please contact me at  (555)6565-6656 for interview scheduling.




Edna Sahoon

That is all our quick tips about writing the scientific writer cover letter. We hope our quick guide help you.

Writing a Portfolio Administrator Cover Letter and its Related Information

What do you need to be a portfolio administrator? Is it a Bachelor’s degree with a high score of GPA or longer experience in the workplace? The answer is both. While a degree is something unavoidable to get the job, the experience talks about the practice an individual makes as it leads to better work results. Someone has to go through several steps to be a portfolio administrator and you are going to read the information here; as well as the guidance to write a professional portfolio administrator cover letter.

What does a Portfolio Administrator Do?

This job deals with doing financial analysisfor some financial agencies such as a bank or insurance firm. Before sending a portfolio administrator cover letter, someone has to be good at reading financial markets and shares and have an interest in investing a good amount of money. They need to meet with the clients and plan the best scenario for the investment in the form of financial portfolio. This is why a portfolio administrator needs to keep up-to-date with the share and financial market so they can make the best plan for the investment for the clients.

Qualifications for a Portfolio Administrator

To write a portfolio administrator cover letter, someone has to pursue a financial degree, it can be a Bachelor’s degree, although the higher the degree is, like a Master’s Degree, the better. Some people usually earn work experience in the financial field. However, when it comes to the qualification skills, the ability to do analysis comes first. Monitoring and do research on the marketplace everyday to make the correct plan for the investment is crucial. With good analysis skills, a portfolio administrator will take the company and clients to huge benefits. Good analysis skill leads to the thoughtful quality to have. A portfolio administrator has to be thoughtful to take an action. Planning can do good or bad, and it is about prediction. A good portfolio administrator needs to know when to continue and when to stop. The last qualification is having good communication to explain the result of the analysis and research to company and clients. A portfolio administrator has to explain to other parties a decision that is supposed to be taken intelligently.

Sample of a Portfolio Administrator Cover Letter

Read the portfolio administrator cover letterbelow to be a reference before you apply for the job.

Dear Mr. Turner,

I am interested in applying for a job at XYZ Bank as a portfolio administrator. I have been working within the same field at ABC Insurance Company for two years.

I have good analytical skills in reading the market and I mostly make the right decision in terms of doing the investment. Because of this reason, I have been selected as the best employee for months in a row in my previous work. I have the best evaluation ability to plan the scenario for the clients which benefits the company. As is seen on news, ABC Insurance Company has led the market share for quite some time.

Working under pressure is not something new for me, I enjoy doing the financial and monitoring the market to arrange the best scenario for the benefit of the company and the clients. I believe my strong-willed and meticulous quality will bring a good impact on the company. I can be reached at 888-777-333 for the interview.



Thomas Luth

We hope the portfolio administrator cover letter above helps you to get a better understanding.


Professional Pharmacist Cover Letter Examples and What You Need to Know About the Job

With the recent situation, the need for professional pharmacists has significantly increased. Many hospitals and clinics need pharmacist worker to help them deal with the patients. Being a pharmacist does not only prescribe medicines but also make sure that the medicines are approved by the official law within a specific country. If you have no clue about the job descriptions of a pharmacist, it’s no harm to read this article as it provides related information and how professional pharmacist cover letter examples are written.

What do Pharmacists Do?

Aside from prescribing the medicine for patients, pharmacists have some other jobs. They make sure the medicine given to people is approved by the law within a specific country. This is why some medications are not approved to be widely consumed in one country but it is permissible in other countries. Pharmacists are making sure the medicines are under the right law. Also, pharmacists need to ensure the medicines are suitable for the condition of the patients. In giving the medicines, pharmacists have to provide patients with detailed information to consume it.

Types of Pharmacists

Not many people know that there are types under the job named pharmacist. Clinical pharmacists usually work in clinics or hospitals to help patients to get the best medication. Retail pharmacists are those working in the pharmacy. Pharmacists work in a long-term care facility, too. They provide care for the patients in a long-term facility which is usually taken care of by the nurse. For those who are not sure about the career as pharmacists, they can do the work by contract system which requires them to work only a few hours.

Requirements of Pharmacists

An individual has to go to a special pharmacy training school to be a pharmacist. There are specific semesters specifically arranged to train the students with the necessary medication knowledge so they won’t face difficulty in real-life work situation. The more experience an individual has, the better it will be for them to get hired by a health institution or a pharmacy.

Cover Letter for Pharmacists Example

Below is the sample of the cover letter sent by a retail pharmacist who wants to apply for a position in a hospital.

Dear Dr. Mayer,

I am writing this letter to show my interest in the clinical pharmacy at ABC Hospital as it is advertised in the newspaper. I have become a retail pharmacy for three years and I am equipped with medication knowledge and experience that make me a good fit for the position in the hospital.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution, XYZ Pharmacy School. I took the job as a pharmacy assistant in the drug store in my previous career experience. I continued my school to get the Master’s degree. Aside from the crucial knowledge, I believe I have the skills to be the pharmacistat ABC Hospital. I am meticulous in my work as I make sure the patients need to get the right dosage of the suitable medication. I also make sure to provide information to patients as to consume the medication, especially it is crucial for elderly patients.

I hope you consider my application and with this letter, I attach my resume for detailed information of my experience and achievements. I can be reached at 444-444-444 for the further hiring process. Thank you.



Stephanie Jenkins

We hope the article above gives you more understanding of how to be professional pharmacists.


Tips And Trick To Make An Assistant Professor Cover Letter With Example

To get a dream job, it is required to make your application grant more outstanding to be accepted. Whenever you apply for an assistant professor position in the university, then you can include an assistant professor cover letter in your application. If you want to get better understanding, reading this article will be the best option to know this letter.

What Is An Assistant Professor?

An assistant professor is the one who is responsible for teaching, guiding, and supervising students to graduate them. An assistant professor is more likely to help the professor in providing academic support and help the other faculty members. This position is also dealing with administrative tasks or reports which on behalf to investigate or identify the problems that occur during the class held. In addition, an assistant professor also able to supervising experiments and investigations held by the campus.

What Are The Requirements To Be An Assistant Professor?

The minimum requirement for being an assistant professor in a university should have Ph.D. in the relevant academic subject. Experienced in teaching on the university level and also have published works in the international journal which can be accessed and can bring advantages. A good assistant professor should have great problem-solving and observational skills which will ease them in duties. Moreover, it will be great if you have a passion for teaching and guide your student with patience and willingness to help them in learning.

How To Create An Assistant Professor Cover Letter?

Use proper language in this letter and ensure your grammar and spelling are in the correct form. Express you feeling and behalf why you writing this letter. You should include all of your competencies and experience to support your application. Moreover, you can bring any evidence to support your statement and emphasize that you will be an excellent addition to the staff.

The Sample Of Assistant Professor Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Platte,

I am writing to express my interest to be your Assistant Professor position in your department to begin in the next semester. I will earn my Ph.D. sooner in this field of study and will be ready to fill up this esteemed position as if you wish.

As a Ph.D. student at the University of —, I was getting a chance to teach for the fourth semester and guiding three classes for learning the subject. My dissertation closely examined this matter where I should investigate the students’ responses to the unprofessional teacher and identify their psychology whether showing positive reaction or not. I am confident in my ability to convey an educational value and I am passionate on this field. I am applying for this position because I admire your integrity in the faculty and would be honored if I could learn as your assistant and developing myself to be a better and proper teacher.

I would be pleased to be considered and getting a chance to go to the interview for your Assistant Professor position. I look forward to your responses regards this matter and I am eager to see you soon directly. Thank you in advance for your time and opportunity you had to me.


Rachel Sinn
Enclosure: Resume

In conclusion, this article is hoped could help you to understand assistant professor cover letter. Make your own letter now!


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Guide To Write Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter Along With Example

If you want to be a retail sales assistant, you can address one additional document to complete your application in order to get the position you desire. We recommend you to provide a retail sales assistant cover letter in your application. This letter will make you grant the higher possibility to be accepted and will go further for a direct interview. Check the description in this article, so you can make a better result.

What Is A Retail Sales Assistant?

A retail sales assistant is an occasion to deal with customers and able to answer questions about the product or services that the company offers. This occasion expected to always update their knowledge about the company products along with the policies. In a further aspect, retail sales responsible for managing financial transactions, achieving established goals, increasing store sales, introducing promotions and opportunities to customers.

What Requirements To Be A Retail Sales Assistant?

A minimum education requirement is an associate’s degree or at least a high school diploma followed by years of experience in the industry. Interpersonal skills truly important to this job and would affect the sales of the product. Being a retail sales forced the concerned to be always professional at any time especially when dealing with customers. Good retail sales assistants always stay positive and maintain a good attitude which in line with customer satisfaction.

How To Write A Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter?

Introduce yourself in a brief written letter by including your education and or experience you had. Tell your reason why you suit the position available in the company and give any evidence to support your existing in the company will make significant changes. Write your letter in good and proper language.

Example Of Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Jimenez,

I am writing this letter on behalf of an available position in your company that I saw on the website for the Retail Sales position. I am applying along with this letter and would be pleased if you considered my resume and going for a further interview section.

I earned my high school diploma in 2008 and experienced as a Retail Sales Assistant for the past five years not long after I graduated. Since then, I developed an outstanding idea to increase the selling amount of the product and I am truly interested to apply this and serve your company. I am also able to handle all operational and administrative tasks if necessary. I could help in accounting, sales goal meetings, cashier operations, and promoting the new products with integrity. I have great interpersonal skill which suits me better for this position and helps me to attract people to interested and buy our products.

Please feel free to call me at any time and I will be ready to arrange a schedule for an interview call. I would be honored to meet you in person and learn more about your company. You could contact me at (123)-123-1234 and I look forward to your response and eager to see you soon.


Stephen Lad
Encl: Resume

All in all, we hope this brief explanation can help you to create your own retail sales assistant cover letter and do not hesitate to edit the example if needed. Good luck!