7+ Sample Formal Curriculum Vitae


Sample Formal Curriculum Vitae for Different Purposes

If you want to look for a new job or a new place to continue study with a scholarship, you may need to create professional curriculum vitae. This document is very essential to make the recruiter or management know the detailed account and educational history of you. That is why knowing about the sample formal curriculum vitae is needed.

Something to be underlined about curriculum vitae –or CV, is it’s a formal document. It means this document should be written clear, professional, and easy to read according to the formal format and writing details.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about some details of the curriculum vitae. You may learn about the detailed CV from the sample and make your best CV in an appropriate format.

Sample of Formal Curriculum Vitae

As we have said before, seeing a sample of formal curriculum vitae is very helpful. You may know what to be written inside a professional CV and how to arrange the detailed information. Here, we have a simple sample for the formal CV that can be considered as your reference.

Jennifer Chania

Los Angeles, US | (555) 654-09112 | Jennifer.chania@email.com


Master of Communication, 2018

State University of California, US


The State University of Alabama, Center of Computational Chemistry

Research Assistant, 2010 – 2011

  • Maintained all important and necessary equipment of the laboratory to make sure that it is clean and safe, especially for the students and faculties
  • Operated experimental pilots and researches
  • Assisted in developing the detailed new engineering processes with some different purposes
  • Conducted chemical laboratory tests and physical to assist the scientists in both qualitative and quantitative analyses


  • Project management
  • Curriculum planning
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Time management
  • High concentration
  • Leadership
  • Dedication for work

Awards and Honors

  • Wolf Prize in Medicine, 2017
  • Wolf Foundation
  • Green Medicine Foundation

Publication and Presentation

Understanding Issues of Auditory Sensitivity in Children with Autism Disease

2017, World Autism Organization Conference

Professional Association

American Professional Society of Authors and Journalists, New York (2011 – present)

License and Certification

  • Certificate in Practice of Sociology, 2005
  • Association for Applied and Clinical Medicine

How to Make Formal Curriculum Vitae?

The sample of the CV above can be a reference and inspiration when you want to make a good CV for different purposes. However, to ease you in writing the CV, there are some steps that you may follow.

The steps to make a formal CV for different purposes are:

  • Choose the right format of the CV
  • Include the professional personal information
  • Write the detailed education
  • Include the experience
  • Write the key skills
  • Include awards and honors
  • Write the certification and licenses

People also ask

What are the best fonts to be applied in writing a professional CV?

To make professional and formal curriculum vitae, you need to choose an appropriate font. Well, the kind of font will influence the formal sense of your document. Some recommended fonts to be applied in making a formal CV are:

  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana

What are the tips to make formal curriculum vitae?

Some tips that should be known to make formal curriculum vitae, so you will be easier in writing this document. Some important tips to be known are:

  • Choose the right format of the formal CV
  • Tailor the CV for different application
  • Make a friendly detail for the CV
  • Create a simple but complete CV
  • Keep the length of the CV only a paper

What to avoid in writing formal curriculum vitae?

To make good formal curriculum vitae, you need to be careful in your writing. Avoid using any ambiguous words that could daze the readers. You should apply a proper writing style and wording option.

On another hand, keep the CV simple and short. The common mistake –that should be avoided, is writing a too-long CV. The best CV should be made only in a page length. Just see the sample of the CV to know what matters to be included inside the whole document.

Kinds of Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

To help you in writing formal curriculum vitae, a template can be an answer. Using a template is a good idea since it provides the whole arrangement of the information inside a CV. Besides, by using a template, you can avoid doing some mistakes in writing it.

Basic Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

The basic formal curriculum vitae template is a very simple option to be applied. This template will show you what to be written and arranged inside a formal CV. Of course, this template can be applied for different purposes.

Professional Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

The professional formal curriculum vitae template can be the answer for those who look for a nice CV to be applied. With a professional arrangement, of course, you could build a better personal value to get the higher attention of the recruiter.

Modern Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

The modern formal curriculum vitae template is interesting with its unique detail. The design of this CV is up to date. You need to know that the design of a CV will increase readability. That is why considering the design in making a formal curriculum vitae is needed.

Generic Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

The generic curriculum vitae template is a very versatile option to be applied. This template can be used when you want to apply the different kinds of jobs. On another hand, it is also quite simple and highlights the important point to be written there.

IT Formal Curriculum Vitae Template

When you want to join IT management, this template is your helper to make it true. The simple arrangement of some points will bring you to know what to be written inside a professional CV. Just follow the shape of this formal curriculum vitae to build personal value and get your new job.

That is all about the sample formal curriculum vitae and some matters to be known in writing it. By knowing the detailed matter to make a good CV, we are sure that you could make a professional CV to get your new job. Try to find the most appropriate template and make your best personal curriculum vitae!


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