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Theater Resume to Pass the Audition Process

Whether you are an experienced actor or just entering the first acting career and want to join a certain theater, writing a professional theater resume is what you need to do. A resume is an important document to increase personal value, so the recruiter will give more attention to you. Of course, through a resume, the qualification of you can be known.

The resume for theater can be said as an actor resume. It is the same as when you want to look for a new job. A resume will be the first document to be seen by the recruiter. Through this document, you could show the unique skills that you have, the experience of acting that you have, and others.

On this occasion, we will show you some ideas of a good theater resume that could be a reference and helper when you want to make it. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Theater Resume

To inspire you in creating the theater or actor resume, here we have a simple sample of it. Seeing a sample of the resume is a good matter to know the detailed arrangement of the information and what to be included inside it.

See the whole sample of this resume below.

Bruno Makel

Los Angeles, CA | (555) 717-09991 | bruno.makel@email.com


A passionate creative actor. A high flair for taking kinds of complex characters both in action genres and drama. Dedicated to building the best connection between the character and the audience by extensive studying, the best preparation for each character, and research.

Roles and Experience

TV Series

  • “Happiness in Eternity,” Marx
  • “The Sweetest Smile,” season 1 through 5, Mikel Antonio


  • “Hamlet,” Polonius | Stage Green Production, LLC
  • “A Midsummer Late Dream,” Jordan | West Best Production, Ltd.


Los Angeles State University for Performing Arts 2013

Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • Training of television production
  • Training of stage development
  • Training of thespian advanced

Special Skills

  • Mini-roles and stunt coordination
  • Fluent command in Italian, French, English, and Spanish languages
  • Choreography
  • High concentration
  • Fast adaptation

Awards and Accolades

  • Screen Award of Excellence, 2014
  • Actors’ Guild Award: fourth-time nominee

How to Make a Good Theater Resume?

The theater resume sample above can be a reference when you want to build the best personal value. However, to ease you in writing this document, there are some ways to be considered.

Some ways to be followed when you want to make a good theater resume are:

  • Relate the resume to the role
  • Include the detailed contact information
  • Format the summary or resume objective
  • List acting role
  • Include the detailed education and training
  • Highlight the unique skill
  • Show the awards and accolades
  • List any well-known references or director

People also ask

What are the important skills that an actor should have?

An actor should have some base but important skills to show their role. Some base skills that an actor should have are:

  • Teamwork skills
  • Time management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Special skillsets

What are the tips to write a good theater resume?

Some important tips should be known to make a good theater resume, especially for those who want to get more attention from the director. Some tips to be considered are:

  • Follow the professional format of the resume
  • Create a resume for a specific role that you want to get
  • Keep the resume one page in length and do not make a too-long resume
  • Use professional fonts to deliver the detailed message, such as TNR, Calibri, or Arial
  • Deliver a complete personal information

What does an actor or theater resume mean?

The actor or theater resume is a document consist of detailed personal information, including experiences, skills, and other relevant information. This document in common is made by an individual that wants to get some roles in TV series, drama, theater, and other relevant matters.

A resume is an important document. It will be a consideration by the director to value the candidate. Besides, through a resume, a director also could know whether the candidate is appropriate for the role that they need or not.

Kinds of Theater Resume Template

Since it is an important document, of course, creating a professional theater resume is a must. Here, we have several templates of it that can be a helper for you. By seeing the template, you could get more inspiration about what to be written in the whole resume.

Musical Theater Resume Template

When you want to join the musical theater, this template can be a guide for you. You will know the whole information that should be shown inside the resume. Of course, writing a good resume with this template will be easier.

Technical Theater Resume Template

A technical becomes an important position for the theater. Here, when you want to join the theater as a technician, this template is what you need to get. The template can be a guide, especially for you who want to pass the process of audition.

Director Theater Resume Template

Becoming a director of a theater sometimes becomes a dream of an individual. Starting a career in theater as a director, of course, also will be challenging. However, there is an audition process to be passed. This template can be a helper for you to pass the process.

High School Theater Resume Template

For a high-school student that wants to join a group of theater, this template can be a whole guide that you need. Through this resume, you could see what to be written there and how to highlight your skills, although you do not have any experience.

Operation Theater Resume Template

This template is a very versatile sample, especially for those who want to be an operation for the theater. By using this template, the personal information of you can be delivered well, so the chance to be new operation can be gotten.

That is all about the theater resume that you need to know. Just try to find a sample of the resume and start to make your best.


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