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Teaching Curriculum Vitae Template to land a job as a teacher 

If you want to be a teacher, you need to show your best experience in the curriculum vitae to ensure the readers about your quality. In this idea, you need to arrange the best teaching curriculum vitae template. This idea will be useful because it will make the proper CV to introduce your quality to the recipients.

This teaching curriculum vitae template idea will carry the best quality for you because as a teacher you will have a great responsibility for teaching the new generations and preparing them for the future. This idea will help you to explain your quality without any difficulties.

The example of a teaching curriculum vitae template

To facilitate your writing this template, you can follow the sample below to make the best CV as a teacher.

Joan Mir

Detail info

Phone: (666)-999-0026

Email: Mir_Joan1234@gmail.com


An enthusiastic secondary school history teacher with high aspirations for students. Committed to support the growth of children and enable them to realize the learning objective. Understanding the present and old methods of teaching and having a big admiration for teaching.


Secondary School of Green School, Los Angeles, June 2018 – present

  • Planning and sending history lesson for students based private school
  • Utilizing classroom management technique to increase the efficiency and effective lessons
  • Liaised with teachers, parents, and teaching assistants
  • Improving the slideshows and engaging history videos to develop student’s learning experience

Cheerful Secondary School, Los Angeles, April 2016 – May 2018

  • Taught history age 10 – 13 and served as a form tutor at this comprehensive school
  • Fostered healthy cultures of learning by engaging with students
  • Managed the history department for six weeks per year when the head of the department was absent
  • Planning, organizing, and managing after school sessions for students


Master of Arts in Teaching, University of Oxford, UK 2013

Bachelor’s Degree in History, University of Bristol, UK (2007)

Key skills 

  • A great history knowledge
  • Classroom management
  • Conflict management
  • Lesson planning
  • Department management


  • English
  • Spanish

How to create a teaching curriculum vitae template

To create this teaching curriculum vitae template format, you need to pay attention to some steps that will make your format impressive to read. You can follow some steps below that will make your format impressive. Here are some of the steps:

  • You need to present yourself the right way where you need to quantify your experience and knowledge as much as possible
  • Emphasize your specific skills including the relevant skills because it is important so that you do not just mention your soft skills
  • Remember to describe your teaching methodology such as professional in any other field
  • Write a strong cover letter that talks about your goals, interest in the job, passion, and skillsets

How to write a professional teacher’s CV 

When you want to impress the recipient with your template format, you need to make your CV getting professional. Gaining this purpose, you need to follow some ideas below to make your template getting impressive. Here is the idea to follow:

1) you need to include the relevant information of the person to use in your CV

2) the educational attainment of the applicant

3) the technical skills and other competencies of the candidate are related to the functions of the job position

4) your work experience should include the teaching job position, academic function, academic institution, the time duration that has spent

5) write the achievement of the candidate in the field of teaching

What is the best resume format for teachers?

Furthermore, your teaching curriculum vitae template design also will be awesome if you know the format that is proper with your relevant job. Here are some ideas to follow when you want to make the proper format for your design.

1) Use the template to guide you in creating a CV

2) You need to highlight your experience in the teaching industry as it will help you to give an impact

3) Assure that your teaching CV and other documents are organized, well-curated, and directly provide the needs of the teaching position

4) Ensure that you will put all the information

Kinds of a teaching curriculum vitae template

Besides, you also will find some types of teaching curriculum vitae template format design that will lead you to arrange the proper template. Here are some of the types that will make your template getting impressive.

Teaching curriculum vitae template with no experience 

This template is impressive because it is proper for you who have no experience in teaching before. This template usually will focus on education and also your skills both hard skill and soft skills. Therefore, you need to focus on your skills as well.

Teaching curriculum vitae template sample 

The sample will be useful because it will guide you to make the proper template. you can customize the sample suitable to your needs so that you will get the satisfaction CV suitable for you to apply in any institution of education.

Academic teaching curriculum vitae template

This template is the common CV that can be arranged for you who wants to be a teacher. This CV will be general so that it will be common for you to landing as a teacher anywhere you want.

Education teaching curriculum vitae template

The template is simple but it will inform the impressive template. It has a strong and impressive template by adding a strong word. This template also shows the best arrangement with detailed information on it.

Teaching curriculum vitae template example 

The example will be always sticking with a professional layout for an education position. This example will be useful for you to tip keeping in mind. With this example, your template will be not difficult to arrange for any purpose.

With those ideas, your teaching curriculum vitae template will not difficult to arrange. You can select the proper CV suitable for your need. You only need to pay attention to the experience, skills, and also the statement to include in your summary to ensure the recipient about your quality without any difficulties.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample





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